Pallishree Pattanayak

Asst professor by profession .I protest against each injustice. Strong supporter of female education and freedom.I believe a strong mind and a brave heart can achieve any dream.Left Engineering after marriage and started studying literature .Housewife for fifteen years then state topper in Psc.Got National fellowship for ph.d (UGC NET JRF SRF ),national fellowship for literature Govt.of India.An ardent writer in odia and English a translator too.9 books published in Odia.One in English.

Voice of Pallishree Pattanayak

I’m Like Me And Half Of My Country

I'm afflicted with a chronic disease of smoking. Day in and day out, I'm busy with my cigarettes that contain nicotine of poverty and try to put them in an ashtray as almost half of my country people do!

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Child Rape : Why Are We Quiet?

Effective solutions for the problem of child abuse need to be properly thought through because the affected children are not getting justice as quickly as it is expected.

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“Apna time Aa Gaya Hai” The Iron Ladies Of India

Women in the Armed Forces stand tall. They are our inspiration to live life bravely and face all odds.

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LIC Kanyadan Policy
Why Are Parents Offered Insurance For A Girl’s ‘Kanyadan’ But A Boy’s Education?

This is an objection to using the word 'Kanyadan' in relation to the LIC Kanyadan Policy that has been introduced in October 2018, ostensibly to help "parents of a girl".

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When The Indian Army Rescued Me At The Indo-China Border

The author narrates how the last week of 2018 was a testing one, when she was stuck at the Indo China Border. The Indian Army came to her rescue and the whole incident gave her a new perspective towards life.

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World’s First Lady Protagonist Draupadi

World's first lady protagonist, the revolutionary woman is none other than - The Draupadi.

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This Lady From A Remote Village In Odisha Is Empowering Girls With Self Defense

The story of a women self defense trainer, who is transforming the lives of many girls from her remote village in Odisha. True women empowerment it is!  

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mother daughter bond
I Was Told To Discard My Daughter As A Newborn, But Now She Is Everybody’s Inspiration!

This mom had been told to discard her infant daughter at birth, but she stood by her, and brought her up against many odds, and is now a proud mom to an accomplished daughter.

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Why Should Boys Get Away With Bad Behaviour And Girls Be Given Morality Lessons?

We need to stand up for our rights as girls and women, and not let the privileged get away with being violent to us. Together we can.

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I Want Everything, Even The Pleasure I Deserve To Get As A Woman!

As a woman, I deserve to have my share of freedom, love, and pleasure, and I need to stand up and make myself heard. To demand what is mine by right!

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