“Apna time Aa Gaya Hai” The Iron Ladies Of India

Women in the Armed Forces stand tall. They are our inspiration to live life bravely and face all odds.

These are the Iron Ladies of India..our new identity. They are for all of us to access justice, equal protection of the law and effective remedies for victims of violence.

Today is our day, the era is ours. No, I’m not talking about the aggression of women or about the vindication of rights of women but want to show the world that here we stand as a superpower with these superwomen. They make us, the heroes of my country India. The begging season ends here. While we were crying for the violation of our rights, now the era of celebration starts. Among all brutality..among all physical and mental torture. Since five thousand years of patriarchy we could not raise our voice but now we stand tall without bowing our head in front of anybody. Now our heroes are serving at military with pride with a shoulder to shoulder with their male counterpart, strongly with an iron chest.

Usha Kiran, the first woman COBRA commando and the youngest female CRPF officer is currently serving the Naxal region of Bastar in Chattisgarh. She is the officer who requested to serve in an extreme left-wing infested state, or Jammu & Kashmir, or Northeast.

This is our new leader of India, Should we tell about our fears as women? That we are weak? That we are dependent? That we are slaves? No not anymore.

CRPF, CISF, BSF.. everywhere we can see our sisters working enthusiastically with valour and patriotism. They are trained rigorously not less than male commandoes. Special women units of commandoes are dealing with stone pelters of J&K. They are not women like us with glamorous outfits but they are wearing the costumes of full body protection suits, helmets, wooden sticks, guns, tear gas shotguns, shells as well as pelargonic acid vanillylamide (PAVA) shells or chill-filled grenade plastic bullets to handle the lady stone pelters.

Our lady paramilitary commandoes are deployed for Anti-Naxal operations after rigorous training.

No makeup on their face but pride and patriotism to fight militants. They are well versed with the topography and well equipped with indomitable courage and strength.

CISF Commandoes are helping Delhi Metro’s women commuters at night.

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Women commandoes are deployed to protect Mumbai women.

Soon all cosmopolitan cities where more females are working and crime against them is increasing will spectacle the events where women commandoes will protect them and simultaneously will counter the insurgency. Gang rapes, molestations and all such types of crimes are handled by our lady police and now woman commandoes like Neelofer will be seen working in this male-dominated area at the workplaces to free them from violence.

Not only they are helping in combating terrorism, insurgency, Naxalism but are helping the persons in pilgrimage at border areas like Amarnath and Badrinath. They are ceaselessly guarding our border areas and us.

No, they are not learning how to cook! They are not trained on how to behave with in-laws. They do not watch TV soap operas but these 20-21 year olds are undergoing hard training with AK -47s to stand tall in front of our enemies. They are our warrior women, the nation’s pride.

They do not wear sarees or kurtas or high heels or move in luxury cars. They do not gossip on WhatsApp about their husband or show their face on Facebook. They never share their selfies but they are our celebrities who untiringly work day in and day out to protect our country and safeguard each of us.

Their only goal is to keep each one of us safe and to gift us the life of dignity. They have sacrificed their lives for all of us. They have proved over and over again that biologically female folk is not weak. They do not whisper ‘whisper’ but celebrate their womanhood. They do not shout out for equality but show their vigour by their commitment. They do not need any fight but they are empowered. They have attained the highest attainable standard inspiring many more women to join CRPF, CISF, BSF, Paramilitary forces, Police and alike which predominantly was male-dominated. Now the time has come to end violence and abuse against women. She deserves to live with all human rights and with complete dignity and freedom.

Apna time aa gaya hai” ladies, enjoy it to fullest …See our ladies tackling crime against us, they are our inspiration to stand tall with integrity and honesty. They are serving our motherland with all effort and dedication. They do not care about pain or wounds, they do not require sympathy as we do but they are capable of handling all odds.

My salute to these heroes.

Vande Mataram

Salute to these brave girls of new India.



Image via Pixabay


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