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When The Indian Army Rescued Me At The Indo-China Border

Posted: January 14, 2019

The author narrates how the last week of 2018 was a testing one, when she was stuck at the Indo China Border. The Indian Army came to her rescue and the whole incident gave her a new perspective towards life.

The last weekend of 2018 was full of adventures and learnings for me. Me and my daughter got stuck at the Indo-China border amidst heavy snowfall. The Indian Army rescued us, as our vehicle met with an accident. A big salute to Captain Gayatri Captain Shruti- the lady doctors who came by special helicopter to save the lives of innumerable children and women.They not only evacuated thousands but provided food,shelter,warm clothes and medical facilities.

Tragic events teach you a lot. Isn’t it? I saw the real work of Indian Army, their sacrifices and felt the noble soul of Baba ji at the Indo-China border. Indo-Tibet border is heavenly. My country’s beauty is at its zenith there. Being there was a pretty awesome experience and it was a moment to be cherished for life. I have begun to understand the value of life after this incident.

Home is the place where my heart stays forever.Family is my paradise. Reunion with the family made me emotional and the love for my family increased manifold.

I have no new goals, no new promises this new year, but certainly the same consciousness to do more things for the community in the coming year. From whom to take advice when your life is your teacher? Exploring places,people,languages,culture,books broadens one’s horizons.It spreads the wings of mind.We live in a fast world, where if we do not choose to keep pace, then it may limit our knowledge and options.Still I will hold on to my love for nature,family and be the way I am. My love has become a glacier now so it can’t be shifted to other things. Yes, many more things are automatically added when we grow up and it would happen to me too. I learn from my mistakes but rely on my choices and never ever regret my decisions.God knows what’s best for me and I think I need not pressurize my mind and heart to think differently .

May be when saying goodbye today to a calendar and singing welcome song for another I’m asking myself, have I refined myself ?Have I tried a little more to make this world a better place ?What have I done for my family, my locality, my society? What new value were added to my ethics?

Gearing up for a new start but only to continue the the old with a more synchronized routine.

Time is a teacher who teaches you how to prioritize.

My salute to the Indian Army.

I wish you all begin the new year with a bang and scale new heights.

Image Source: Pexels

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