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Lawyer-Knitter-Reader-Dog Parent. I have two blogs - One knit at a Time ( and The Indefatigable Reader ( Check them out if you like knitting or reading.

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rights of women in the workplace in India
Women’s Rights At Workplace In India: All You Need To Know

Know about women's rights at workplace in India - related to working in shifts, safety and more as lawfully provided by the Govt of India. 

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10 Real Life Tricky Questions During Interviews For You To Learn From

From navigating questions around your break to impressing the interviewer to hire you for a position that does not exist, here are 14 women talking about their interview questions and answers.

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Regency Romance
Why Georgette Heyer Novels Define Regency Romance For Me!

For me, Regency Romance usually means Georgette Heyer's books. But I still haven't found another writer like her. Let me tell you why.

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Knitting Is The New Cool Thing To Do And It’s Time You Got On The Band Wagon

Oh, times they have changed greatly. Knitting is no longer just about sweaters and mufflers, it’s no longer even just about wool.

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How Knitting Turned Out To Be My Own Personal Meditation

Every time I feel a rush of anxiety, I pick up my knitting needles. Medknitation changed my life, read on to know more about it!

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Listening To My Grandma’s Stories Led Me To A Realisation Of Why She Was Such A Strong Woman

Was it possible that all the support, given and received over the years in her informal knitting group, made my grandmother calm and uncomplaining?

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