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Knitting Is The New Cool Thing To Do And It’s Time You Got On The Band Wagon

Posted: December 21, 2020

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Oh, times they have changed greatly. Knitting is no longer just about sweaters and mufflers, it’s no longer even just about wool.

One may be tempted to ask why of all things knitting. I mean we do have just two, at best three months of winter here. No sooner do you air your woollens, that it’s time to shelve them again. There are also those deeply distressing memories of bulky, slightly shapeless hand-knit sweaters that were de riguer when we were growing up. You may ask if you really want to bring those back in fashion.

Beyond just wool for knitting

To all you doubters and naysayers, I say you’ve got it all wrong! Oh, times they have changed greatly from when we were kids – and here I refer to my generation i.e. the 80s kids. Knitting is no longer just about sweaters and mufflers – in fact, it’s no longer even just about wool. They call it YARN these days folks and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Think cotton, think silk – there is even such a thing as T-Shirt yarn. Hell, you even have the exotic-sounding PLARN which is nothing more than yarn made out of waste plastic bags. Not to say that wool has taken a backseat in any way. There are even more varieties available now – gorgeous wool-like mohair, alpaca, merino, angora – the list is endless.

And there are all sorts of things you can knit with that aforementioned yarn. Skirts, tees, knit tops, delicate lace shawls, hats, mittens, scarves, bracelets, boots, cushions, blankets, table runners, bags, clutches, rugs, you name it. There are hundreds of patterns and tutorials available on the internet to teach you whatever you want to make and any technique you want to learn.

In light of which, I say – ask not why knitting, ask why not knitting! It’s simple, creative, productive, engaging and best of all it can be done ONE KNIT AT A TIME!

Image source: Pixabay

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