Paakhi Maheshwari

Paakhi is a nineteen-year-old published author, blogger, and the founder of "An Insipid Board of Ideas", a storytelling NPO. Amidst the hustle of teenage life, she confides in writing and math; both of which she hopes to affect change with.

Voice of Paakhi Maheshwari

You Don’t Need to Save Me…

"She can't stay here!" Upasna hears her daughter's voice echo through the dark hallway. Her feet stop themselves, her ears perking up.

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I Could Roam Around At Night In Any Clothes I Wanted, If I Were A Man!

'I should be a masculinist, but... maybe tomorrow...' Masculinist? Man Power? What was happening? Surely, I was dreaming this!

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To All The ‘Good Guys’ Saying #NotAllMen, Here’s What You Can Actually Do To Help

Instead of saying #NotAllMen every time someone calls out violence by a man and you feel attacked, here is what you can do as a good man and a feminist ally.

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Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast

Objectifying women has a toxic effect on audiences and creates many real-world problems for women , in general. 

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Moolmati mother of Ram Prasad Bismil
Today Let’s Not Forget What These Mothers Gave Up For An Independent India

Remembering Moolmati, mother of Ram Prasad Bismil. Yes, historically, mothers have been nurturers. But, are they not people themselves?

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Maybe It’s Time To Stop Being A ‘Mard’ And Start Being A Human Now!

In India, the word Mardaangi is an emotion of being the better gender. Mardaangi is being too superior to do anything that a woman is expected to do. 

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Cornelia Sorabji- The Feminist of the 19th Century

First woman to practice law in India and Britain.First Indian to study at a British University in 1886.First woman barrister.

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