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Breathe Negativity In And Exhale Positivity – A Guide To Dealing With Toxicity

Dealing with negativity and toxicity is one of the most difficult things that could happen to you. However, if you follow this technique, it might just be easier!

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Ever Told “Get Married, Then Do What You Want”, Or Feel Guilty About Being An Ambitious Woman?

Do you feel that as a woman you cannot have it all - a successful personal and professional life - and feel guilty about being ambitious? Then this is for you.

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to start a conversation
10 Simple Ideas That Help You To Start A Conversation And Keep It Going

We often find ourselves at a loss when we meet someone new, not knowing how to start a conversation. This is an important skill, especially at work. How to you do it?

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6 Essential Things You Should Remember About Saying ‘NO’

Doing something to make your partner (or any other loved one) happy is fine - so long as you feel happy about it too. In all other cases, you need to remember these 6 essential things about saying 'NO'. 

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Searching For An Emotional Outlet? This Ritual Can Help

Letter-writing, whether to one self or to others, is a very under-rated form of emotional catharsis. Nikita Vyas shares more about what she has learnt from the practice of letter-writing.

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4 Steps To Make A Simple To-Do List That Actually Works!

Making a to-do-list is easy, but getting it to work for you? This article will help you approach to-do-lists the right way, become more productive and also feel so good about yourself!

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4 Strategies That Will Help You Stick To A Routine

Have you ever heard or said this to yourself, “Oh! This routine will go on for a few days and then I’ll lose interest”? If you find yourself unable to stick to a routine, here's help at hand.

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Begin Your Day With These 3 Simple Questions

The writer says that if we start each day by focussing on ourselves, then we would be more connected to our feelings and in turn be happier.

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The Stories Of Women Matter, And Here Are 6 Reasons Why We Should Share Them

Each of us has a story to tell, and telling them to others can be empowering in many ways, to the teller, and to those who listen to them.

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When 2 Clients Dissed My Work, It Hurt, But I Learnt To Deal With Failure

Reached rock bottom? The silver lining is the only way is up but, I’ll admit, it is never easy! I learnt to deal with failure at a critical juncture of my life; I hope my journey helps you.

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Why is Vulnerability Misunderstood?

The world men inhabit is rather austere. One finds a strange amalgam of contradictory traits where vulnerability is bleak and mistaken. Where one is susceptible to criticism. Where one shields themselves with defenselessness and helplessness.

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An Entrepreneur’s Recipe To Stop Feeling Guilty About Taking A Break

By simply saying that you deserve a break! That’s correct. Just saying you deserve a break will ease the discomfort you feel about taking a break.

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Afraid Of Becoming Old? This Real Story Tells You Why You Shouldn’t Be

"After 25 you start becoming old, and have to have everything in place before 30." This advice had more consequences than the author could realise. And one day...

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introverted women
These Introverted Women Trash The Idea That Only Extroverts Can Be Successful

It's believed that introverts are rarely successful because they are quiet people who keep to themselves. Here are 8 qualities of introverts that junks this theory.

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“First Impression Is The Last Impression” – 2 Incidents From My Life Made Me Rethink This

Why do we place so much emphasis on first impressions? Are they always a reliable indicator or should we just cut people some slack?

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Going On A Date With Yourself: Here’s Why You Should!

Have you reached a stage in your life where even though you’re successful you still feel a bit disconnected with yourself? Here's the answer!

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5 Ways To {Creatively} Win Back Your Lost Mojo At Work

“I’ve lost my will to work!"Sounds familiar? That is what happens when you lose your mojo or find a lack of motivation to work, live, move, almost anything.

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Noor Inayat Khan
The Extraordinary Story Of Noor Inayat Khan, Spy Of Indian Origin In World War 2

This is the story of Noor Inayat Khan, the great great great granddaughter of Tipu Sultan, and a spy extraordinaire during World War 2.

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Embrace Your Own Pace

Everybody these days is set out to do something with their lives. Whether its personal or professional, they are always on the move.

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The Bonds That We Share With Our Homes

Homes are more than places to stay. We often share strong connections with them. When we feel low, they have a way of picking us up as this story explores.

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self-help books
Don’t Buy That Self-Help Book Unless You Are Sure Of These 4 Things

Self-help books are probably the largest selling category of books. But how much do they really help us in dealing with the problems in our lives?

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