The Bonds That We Share With Our Homes

Homes are more than places to stay. We often share strong connections with them. When we feel low, they have a way of picking us up as this story explores.

Homes are more than places to stay. We often share strong connections with them. When we feel low, they have a way of picking us up as this story explores.

Home is where the heart belongs. Home is a place where one can feel peace, where one experiences comfort. Home allows us to experience transparency. No charades of personality.

For me a home has always been an atelier of dreams and stories.

Every wall, every corner has a faint smell of aspiration and accomplishment, big or small, simple or luxurious they all have many tales to tell.

I have always wondered why is a house decorated so beautifully? I mean all you do there is eat, sleep, stay.

Why make it so lovely?

Why put in so much effort?

Homes, they allow us to dream. They give us the courage to achieve the impossible. Dreams are like homes, they need peace, comfort, faith, they need to be nurtured and there needs to be transparency.

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I remember there was a time in my life when things were impossible to deal with. My career and my dreams all looked bleak.

I had experienced a strange connection with my house one day. It was siesta time and everyone at home was relaxing after a long morning. I started to feel a sudden discomfort in my own home. I started to loathe it. I had never felt so alone ever in my own house. All I could think of was to escape, to run away from home. Just go somewhere where there was peace. A place where I could let go! I was filled with rage and desperation to change and come out of my crisis. I sat there, in one dark corner of my room, dwelling in the idea of leaving home, when the entire room lit up with the afternoon sunlight. Very slowly it threw golden hues on my accomplishments. All my trophies, my certificates, my moments of celebration of friendship, love, life, my family! It all started to illuminate, as if it was trying to enlighten me.

I was so overwhelmed with my own dramatic response to the light that I immediately dismissed it. But it was so strong that I couldn’t ignore it. I started wandering in my room, looking at all those moments of joy, up-close, my certificates of accomplishment.

I had formed this ritual to write about my dreams in my own home, with my morning coffee everyday. Hadn’t I witnessed the same dreams turn to reality in the same house? Then what changed now? Why did I want to leave now?

It suddenly daunted on me!

Did I really want to leave home or runaway from my phase of crisis? I got so caught up in my helplessness that I started loathing my own house and decided to flee when I should have, in fact, stayed and fought it with vigour.

I had experienced defeat before and my own house gave me the courage and security to win. My home allowed me to dream. I realized that very often we want to run away not from our homes but our problems.

Homes give us this security and strength that no matter what the situation we are safe! Most of us are this way. We take our homes for granted and eventually return to it when we desperately look for love and warmth. We declutter the mess, give it a make over and the same old home becomes new and we cannot imagine leaving it!

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