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Are We Ever Going To Stop Cracking Cruel Jokes On Skin Colour?

We've trolled a bunch of celebrities for endorsing fairness creams, a fairness cream changed its name, but nothing has changed!

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In The Boys’ Locker Room, They Touch Her Without Her Consent Or Knowledge – WHAT Is This?

Pictures from girls' social media accounts are being reshared in the Boys Locker Room, and their body parts are being discussed; the girls are being touched without their consent or knowledge.

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You’re Going Through A Lot In This Lockdown; Are You Taking The Help You Need?

As we all know physical pain hurts and needs a doctor. In the same way mental pain too needs a doctor.

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Dear Husbands, Lockdown Is Not About Having Sex When And Where You Wish

Sex during lockdown is becoming yet another 'duty' for some wives. Husbands - stop! Having sex needs to be both partners' choice, and not just yours.

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Dear Interfering Well-Wishers, If I Should Be Able To Make Round Rotis, So Should My Future Husband

Dear future MIL, please let my future husband into the kitchen to cook too. For when we get married, I like to believe we will share these responsibilities!

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Just A Slap, Par Nahi Maar Sakta

Thappad is not just a movie. It's a thought, it's the pain, the strength, the story of self respect and fight for oneself.

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We Search For It

Don't we all search for something in our life? What defines us, what are we here for and for love?

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We Need To Teach Equality

Learning and to learn is a vital process in our lives. But do we learn only in schools?

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