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We Need To Teach Equality

Learning and to learn is a vital process in our lives. But do we learn only in schools?

We take birth, we learn, we interpret, we grow, we act, we react and….

Learning and to learn is a vital process in our lives. But do we learn only in schools? No, we learn through every single thing taking place around us. We learn from the time we are resting in our Mother’s tummy.

We blame anti feminist actions of the society. We blame them for counting us as the second sex. We blame, blame and blame but then also things are not changing. It is because of the process of teaching and learning and interpreting. It is because we without any evidence have decided that women are weak, they cannot do this and that. And the same things are directly and indirectly taught to the coming generations.

How will you resolve the problems that women are facing if you don’t have any idea of why is this so? The history mentions nothing that proves women are weak physically and mentally or emotionally, that they are weak in their career and anything.

Some of them also feel feminists over react. No they don’t. May be you are a man or a woman who thinks feminists are rebellious for nothing. Things are changing they say. Yes, they are but basic education is not. If you teach your child good habits, why you forget to teach him how to behave with a girl, why you forget to teach your daughter that she is as strong as any man, why you forget to tell yourself that discrimination is taught already to all, now we need to teach equality.

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