In The Boys’ Locker Room, They Touch Her Without Her Consent Or Knowledge – WHAT Is This?

Pictures from girls' social media accounts are being reshared in the Boys Locker Room, and their body parts are being discussed; the girls are being touched without their consent or knowledge.

Pictures from girls’ social media accounts are being reshared in the Boys Locker Room, and their body parts are being discussed; the girls are being touched without their consent or knowledge.

So let me ask you – what is social media is for? To express yourself, to connect with people, for business, to present your art there, to socialize and I just know you have a lot of answers to this question!

So my Instagram or my Facebook or let’s be more frank my tinder account is just mine! Right? I can post my pictures on any social media, I can write, I can post videos just as any male with a social media account can do!

But now here it is girls and ladies. If you post your pictures online the boys are going to steal them, screenshot them, download them, and discuss the size of your boobs and your vagina and each body part of you.

Ahhh! Are you now feeling insecure reading the names of our body parts? So in a culture where even uttering the names of female body parts feels shameful, female body parts are being discussed along with the photos, many of them even nude, in the “boys’ locker room”

What is boys locker room?

What is this boy’s locker room? Who has the key to it? How many locker rooms do exist?

For those who do not know what this is, boys locker room are the groups on social media where boys and men share photos of girls – underage, young, middle-aged, and rate their body parts, discuss how they would grab a particular woman, discuss how they would have sex with them, photoshop their photos to nude, abuse and a lot of stuff. So this is the honourable boy’s locker room, where they grab hold of a girl’s body and no one knows.

What this is?

So when a girl is grabbed, she is kidnapped and physically abused, all of these acts have names so what would we call this? The underage girls, the young girls who are living their life, working, learning and unlearning don’t even know what is happening to them, and someday they get hundreds of messages of these locker room guys who threaten and talk something that’s so horrible that I cannot write it here!

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So you, my readers, let’s name this. Think of it, we will together name this act.

She gets touched

‘No means No’ in this case to say ‘no’ do the girls even know they are being touched, they are being body shamed and abused, they are being used by some random boy as an object to fulfil his pleasure?

And yes this sounds harsh, but it is. Why don’t we accept that no respect exists, no consent exists, no privacy exists – all that is there is drooling in the heads of these ‘boys’, in a country where it took 7 years to hang rapists.

So it could be any one of us, out there, being discussed in terms of our body parts, not knowing where are we getting touched and how.

So now?

So now what next? What more should we expect? Or should we all deactivate our social media accounts? Then too we would have phones and cameras in changing rooms, hotel washrooms to catch us!

It feels dirty

Does anyone know how it feels?

How it feels to have your photos stolen and knowing what the boys talked about you?

How bad it would feel to know the way they touched and abused you, how your photograph was made public without your consent?

The pain, the disgust, does anyone know how it is?

Wouldn’t the girls be afraid to click a photo now, wouldn’t they be afraid to be in public? Won’t they be insecure at all times about their safety, their bodily integrity? Would they trust anyone? Would all of them trust anyone? Wouldn’t they fear any touch? Wouldn’t they feel insecure everywhere?

Does anyone who supports this act, know how it feels?

Is raising a voice so hard?

I have heard some men saying, the world is into corona virus, people are dying and what are you feminists hung up on?

Eh, WHAT? Because they don’t know the pain of getting their body parts grabbed and snatched, not always in person but through photographs too! Is it so hard to talk about it, to raise our voice, to reach up to the officials here from our homes, to protect ourselves? Can’t we do that?

Image source: Instagram, Pexels

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