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Mahevash Shaikh is a millennial blogger, author, and poet who writes about mental health, culture, and society. She lives to question convention and redefine normal.

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The Corporate World Does Not Really Want To Hire People With Disabilities

Corporate spaces are mostly capitalist and ableist. Despite all the talk about DE&I policies, they are rarely supportive to invisible disabilities.

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Is Staying Childfree Bad For Women’s Mental Health?

To have a child or not should be completely a woman's choice. Not just because it's her body, but look at these 8 ways women benefit if child-free.

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enmeshed family
5 Surefire Ways Women Can Break Free From The Overprotective Great Indian Enmeshed Family

Indian parents don't understand boundaries, and every other Indian family is an enmeshed family. How do you protect your mental health and live your own life?

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covert narcissist
5 Warning Signs You Are In A Relationship With A Covert Narcissist

A covert narcissist doesn't do outright aggression but shows hostility passively. For example, giving their partner the silent treatment for days is both aggressive and abusive.

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Depression And Being In A Conventional, Patriarchal Marriage Are A Horrible Combo To Be A Mother!

Clinical depression along with a straight marriage can make your life as a mother more difficult!

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#NotAllMen And 11 Other Offensive Hashtags We Need To Stop Using Immediately

While most hashtags serve a great purpose for online activism, these 12 hashtags are nothing but offensive and need to be put out of use!

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Being The Cool Aunt Is Not Easy Or Fun

I love being the cool aunt, but let me tell you that it’s not all fun and games. Sure, parenting is hard, but that doesn’t mean ‘aunting’ is easy peasy.

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You Are Never Too Old To Make New Friends, Are You?

Are we done with making friends before we're adults? Here's why the poet says it is better when you're older when you pick your friends.

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10 Positive Mental Health Affirmations That Help Me Deal With Depressive Episodes

Reading and writing positive affirmations during a major depressive episode helped me cope with it. Here are ten of them that might help you too.

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New Moms Might Not Suffer From Postpartum Depression If They Had A Little More Help!

Didn't it take two to make the baby? And so both must raise it equally. Why should she always be on call and he is, by and large, carefree!

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If The Coronavirus Lockdown Has You Living In Reverse, Why Not Try And Change Gears?

Yes, the coronavirus has the world is in a crisis. But I believe, this could also be time for us to tick items off our bucket list and live life while we can.

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Why I Am No Longer Invited To Weddings Ever Since I Got Divorced

Indian society still does not have a space for women who are divorced without burdening them with the stigma, and others' weddings can often be a very triggering and traumatic affair.

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is it love
If This Is Love, You Don’t Deserve It At All

Is the love you swear by really love, or something else? If you feel controlled, abused, or doubt yourself in your relationship, it might not be.

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bystander intervention
When It’s Depression, Don’t Just Be A Bystander; Intervene

We might not want to 'get involved', but intervention can save a life in cases of depression; and we never know how far gone a person may be.

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office etiquette
5 Office Etiquette Rules Which Every Employee Should Follow

You put in the hours, meet deadlines, and are cordial with your coworkers. But is that enough for you to be a good employee?

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what is sologamy
Move Over Monogamy, Meet Sologamy; In Which I Can Marry Myself!

What is sologamy? It is marrying yourself, in a trend of self-love that is catching on in some places. So what does it mean in an Indian society obsessed with getting young people 'marrying off'?

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Is Having Kids The Most Socially Acceptable Way To Ruin Your Life, And Theirs?

The most common thing any Indian couple are asked is "when is the good news?" Here's why it isn't a good idea for everyone to have kids.

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