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It Is Gender Violence When You Don’t Share The Household And Care Work Too!

Women may work and contribute as providers along with men but we still cannot ignore the reality of gender inequality at homes. 

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Revolution Single-Revolution Senior: Shared Similarities

There are shared similarities between the single women of any age. The Article points out the similarities between single women of young and senior age.

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To Continue Doing Much More Than Isolation!!

The quarantine season in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic challenges us to plan new activities with our kids, little used to so many days of confinement.

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The Camel Girl : Robyn Davidson

A life dedicated to traveling and studying nomadic peoples from half the world.

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Queen Of The Seas

With her sweet and hard character like steel and a difficult personality to bend, she left everything behind to pursue her dream of ever being part of a crew that sails the deep waters.

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Consent: Universal Rules, Individual Choices

Each person encloses a universe in itself which makes the examples of consent present thousands of daily manifestations, if there is the possibility, to a greater or lesser degree, of deciding on the body itself.

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