To Continue Doing Much More Than Isolation!!

The quarantine season in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic challenges us to plan new activities with our kids, little used to so many days of confinement.

The quarantine season in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic challenges us to plan new activities with our kids, little used to so many days of confinement.

Everything seems to indicate that the world is not going to continue as we knew it at least for an indefinite time, which has led to using every communication tool available to keep in touch, to continue working in some way, learning and entertaining ourselves. In this latter case, children can really be a problem. The quarantine season in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic challenges us to plan new activities with our kids, little used to so many days of confinement. Board games are sold out, the screens have a limited time of recommended use and there is not always room for more sporty movements.

New Lifestyle

Can an excellent wine serve as an example to follow as a parenting model for our children? Apparently it does not have any type of relationship with one another and yet they are completely related. Why? The rings of the wood used for the manufacture of the wines is fundamental for the evolution that is sought for their aging, either a faster evolution , for the wines of short aging or a slower one, for those of long aging.But,in any case, the wood selected according to the growth rings will be vital to define the expression of the most important wines of the planet.The wine, in contact with the wood evolves and refines itself, is perfected.
Here, in Argentina, when we consider a person integrated in its totality but mainly in the human aspect, we say : ” it is of good wood “.
Only having solid roots, our children can develop their growth rings that condense all the values and learning necessary to begin to know and act in a world that is really very complicated in many sense and it makes the formation of very strong wings necessary to face it with capacity and in a balanced way.

Simple Experiments

Science can be another great option: With simple experiments, kids have a chance to become scientists, at least for a little while.
Cabbage ink
This experiment has to do with acid base indicators.
You need red cabbage leaves, a little vinegar or lemon juice, baking soda, water, teaspoons, and glasses.
You have to break the leaves of red cabbage (it can be by hand) and put them in a container. An adult person pours very hot water into that container. What is going to happen is that the water is going to start turning purple. What we are doing there is extract the pigments, which are the substances that give color to the cabbage leaf. Those pigments are called anthocyanins and they have a particularity: they change color depending on the acidity of the medium. So if they are in an acidic medium, they turn bright fuchsia; and if they are in a basic medium, they turn green or blue. That is why we call them acid base indicators, because they help us to know if we are in an acidic or basic medium.Once you have the violet water, the cola and put it in glasses. You are going to leave one of those glasses without doing anything, to compare it and see what the color was when you did the extraction. Then, to each glass you will add something different. With a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice, you will get bright fuchsia; with a teaspoon of baking soda it will turn greenish blue. And they can try other things: soda or dissolved white soap.
The nice thing is that if they have a fabric that they do not use they can dye it with cabbage juice and let it dry. They can then draw with a swab dipped in baking soda or vinegar.
Inflate balloons without blowing
Another possible experiment is to inflate balloons without blowing. What you need to do is put a vinegar bottom in the bottle. Inside the balloon, a few teaspoons of baking soda. What you need to do is put the mouth of the balloon in the mouth of the bottle,pour the baking soda into the vinegar and hold. What will happen is that the vinegar has acetic acid and the bicarbonate is a base. When they react, a gas is released. That gas will inflate the balloon.Once it’s inflated, they can tie it up and that balloon behaves differently. Since it is not filled with air, but with carbon dioxide, which is denser, it falls faster. Let’s play with science!!

New Activities

Marie Kondo-style: slogans “of order” for children on quarantine days at home
One of the activities in which we can also involve the boys is the organization of the home.
We can take this time as an opportunity to put together routines and teach our children new habits.
Small projects is what is recommended for children to learn at the moment: order a shelf, the drawer of the light table or some corner of the kitchen. “According to one of the consultants certified by Marie Kondo,” make order a habit is a process that does not happen from one day to the next, neither for the boys nor for the adults. “Many women think that the house is to be lived and much more if there are boys, it is natural that it gets messy. and not to live stressed by keeping everything impeccable all the time, the important thing is to learn to be organized. As “The boys copy and follow the example of the parents and require our attention and accompaniment to teach them the tool of order” it is important to know how to order with children, according to their age:
2-3 years
Keep some of your toys in place. Stack books on library shelves.
Throwing things away
4-5 years (added to the previous ones)
Watering plants
Clean up a liquid (water, juice) spilled on the table
Help set and lift the table
6-7 years (added to the previous ones)
Fold the towels
Feeding the pet (putting water is easier than dosing food, but to simplify this task you can mark how far to fill the food container)
Collect leaves / rake some area of ​​the garden
Make the bed or cover it with padding
Tidying up the bathroom after bathing: hang the towel, put the dirty clothes in the corresponding basket, cover the toothpaste and put it in its place, along with the toothbrush.
8-9 years (added to the previous ones)
Store clothes in the closet (ordering them on the shelves is usually easier than hanging them on the shelves because they may not be enough)
Keep shoes and sneakers in place
10-11 years (added to the previous ones)
Sweep some room around the house
Help her younger siblings do some homework
Help cook
12 and more (added to the previous ones)
Empty the washing machine
Cook something simple
Games with dance for the little ones. They say that laughter can teach dancing, that is why games with dance are invented that are taken as a therapy that through humor teaches choreography to forget about the running of the bulls and have fun. It is organized as a kind of treasure hunt with slogans such as inventing a danced greeting, playing statues, inventing a choreography with a certain music, etc. Everything leads to the encounter of the treasure that can be a toy, candy or a surprise…
To continue doing much more than isolation !!

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