Revolution Single-Revolution Senior: Shared Similarities

There are shared similarities between the single women of any age. The Article points out the similarities between single women of young and senior age.

There are shared similarities between the single women of any age. The Article points out the similarities between single women of young and senior age.

We live in a mass culture but in turns out there is a revolution given by the sudden emergence of all feminist movements that seeks to strengthen individuality and an identity is generally recognized that all socially and culturally imposed precepts or formulas attempt successfully in many cases, cancel. The equation to be overcome, either totally or in any of its components is:

A good job + money + marriage + children = happiness

If any of its variables are missing, something is wrong, there is something strange.


Young single women and those who have reached a certain age (suppose till the age of 60), whatever their marital status, have more things in common than anyone might think, recognizing some as native (single) and others as immigrants (senior) in this to beat the dreaded formula. Of course, they try to do it from different instances but they are pursuing the same goal. This is a need that manifests much more deeply when living in a negative environment that does not give satisfaction with respect to family life and forces women to live a veiled and intimate feminism without manifestation of the slightest emotional need. Some similarities that match them are:

Revolutions And Hormonal Imbalances

With strong signs of presence (revolutions) in singles and with farewell signs (mismatches) in seniors, in both cases they should be elegantly circumvented by oneself first and then, not to be considered by mistake as an unbalanced ( single) or within the group of old (senior) because the slogan is, precisely, NOT TO BE even at 80 years.
DO NOT abide by the mandates (single)
Get rid of them with less guilt (senior)
Live life with energy intensity (single)
Living life with more intensity than at 20 (senior) because hormonal revolutions, traditional social and group mandates (valid for those who have been able to do so) have passed, everything that exists has been discovered , if It has been known to see and do ( although there is always a place for amazement) and the need to have it.


There is always a new eroticism to discover but even more in the senior stage because of the physical limitations that may exist and because of a more refined and different sensitivity in the skin in that sense.
Each change of decade can bring existential crises due to a self-demand that puts fences as if they were limits for the achievements.If this or that thing was not achieved in the pre-established time, it will be difficult to achieve it later or it will no longer be. This “will no longer be” implies a relative certainty for seniors the more years they are serving. Of course, for senior revolutionaries ,the only limit is death itself.
Single: discovering a world yet.
Senior: having gone through, known and lived through all the stages, you can experience the fact of being like in a late adolescence or early youth but with a true and profound existential change in which all the carefreeness and courage of that stage take place but knowing very well what you want, how you want it and mainly, what you don’t want anymore.
Single + Senior: you may or may not have concerns about the physical such as long hair or not, silhouette that does not conform or does not matter, incipient or strongly marked wrinkles, botox, have gray hair or not, flaccidity, cellulite, intensive training or sedentary lifestyle total, overweight or thin, etc.

Force Of The Repressed

Trying what could not be accomplished or what had to be resigned and was important. Everything comes back with the force of the repressed.
Single: set aside the fact of looking for the “half orange” because she knows that this means that we are incomplete in body and soul.
Senior: knows that you are in a perfect stage to be yourself, mature and find balance with all the energy focused on your own being, with all your complete or half-finished individuality according to your taste but your own.
Single + Senior: they have in their hands watches without needles to invent a time without time and they cling to it with ingenuity believing that they own it.
They know that time helps to discover that the best state is not to be in love but to be calm.The experience and wisdom to balance emotions are vital.This leads to a feeling of fullness in which nothing is left and nothing is missing. It does not mean that emotions are absent, love can appear if you wish, but it is not an obligation.

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In A Calm Heart

In a calm heart, love is not lived as a necessity or as a desperate yearning because a quiet person does not need to be saved. Love in this case is given the dimension that it really has, that is, the most beautiful thing that can be live in freedom and of your own free will.
It is necessary to look back to be able to see forward. It is what allows to recognize roots and in turn gives wings to achieve whatever is needed.
Single + senior: face age but from different roles.
Single: Pressures for your marital status having reached a certain limit.
Senior: Pressures for external appearance and attitudes having reached a certain limit.
Two different beings cohabit in the same person: the one that each one is for itself and the one that is for the others. That outside that is alien to them is unconsciously let out and the interior that is revolutionary grows.
According to Freud, the unconscious does not distinguish the true from the false.
Will they be unconscious then, not assuming the label that others assign them according to unsolicited opinions? If so, WELCOME!
When we see someone of a certain age who is genetically favored, has been relatively careful throughout his life or has simply been fortunate not to suffer physical, mental or health limitations, that unconsciousness about age is evident. The time that years mark,the mind does not register it because it does not want to do it. That unconsciousness regarding age is equated with the feeling of youth that nothing can happen to them and that there is all the time in the world to do anything, even if that time is over the next instant. Everything is conspired for the breaking of chains and rebellion.
They are really the “Silver Age” and “The age of carelessness.”

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