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Karishma VP

Karishma has been writing short stories since she was 8 and poetry since she was 12. She ended up studying Zoology, then Montessori, and then psychology, always feeling ‘’something was missing’. She worked in the corporate world as a trainer, in schools as a Montessorian, and finally stumbled into the world of content writing, which is when she finally felt at home. She freelanced for 3 years with digital branding agencies and IT firms before becoming a full-time financial writer for a fintech firm. She still spends her free time writing about things that matter to her, which includes personal growth, feminism, parenting, food, movies, books, and politics. She is a foodie who loves cooking and baking and manages an FB page and food blog that goes back to 2009. She lives with her son and a whole lot of books in Bangalore.

Voice of Karishma VP

Anaswara Rajan
Actor Anaswara Rajan’s Insta Pic Got Vile Abuse ‘Coz Good Girls Shouldn’t Show Their Knees

Malayalam actor Anaswara Rajan was showered with the vilest of misogynistic abuses in Malayalam for wearing what girls and women in most cities across the world wear every single day.

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As They Get Older, Why Don’t We Give Our Parents The Same Freedom We Fought So Hard For?

Do adult children have a right to tell elderly parents what they can or cannot do with their lives, even if it is out of love? 

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paid period leave debate
If Cis Men Could Menstruate, We Wouldn’t Be Having This Misogynist Debate Over Paid Period Leaves!

The noise over the new paid period leave policy by Zomato, even from women, is nothing but internalised misogyny, and ensuring equity should be the aim.

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Dear Society, With Divorce I’ve Just Tasted Freedom, So STOP Asking Me About Remarriage!

My divorce will come through soon, but people are already asking me about getting married again. WHY would I want to?

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If You’re Facing Pressure To Get Married Even When You Don’t Want To, First Read Why I Ended Mine

I finally said yes to a proposal at the age of 29, as my patriarchal conditioning made me feel I was a failure if I didn't get married by the age of 30.

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angry woman
I Was Using My Anger As A Cover-Up For My Tears; But Why Was I Sad?

An angry woman is probably taken more seriously than a woman in tears, though men in a patriarchy would prefer the crying woman who they feel superior to.

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reasons for a divorce
Will You Support Your Daughter For A Divorce If She Feels Unheard In Her Marriage?

If the only reasons for a divorce your daughter gives are that they are miserable with each other and don't love each other, will you still support her?

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Sonia Indianness
Sonia Gandhi Or Any Woman – Being Indian Does Not Depend On Our Wearing A Saree!

This kind of eulogising of a woman who wears only a saree and being sanskaari is why questions about Sonia Gandhi trigger the feminist in me - just let women be and keep off!

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