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New Kerala Health Minister Veena George Takes Over From The Now Legendary Shailaja Teacher

Meet Kerala's new Health Minister Veena George, earlier a TV news anchor and the state's first Executive Editor, now taking over from the extraordinary Shailaja Teacher.

Meet Kerala’s new Health Minister Veena George, earlier a TV news anchor and the state’s first Executive Editor, now taking over from the extraordinary Shailaja Teacher.

Kerala’s former Health Minister, K.K. Shailaja, was once a teacher. The new health minister, Veena George, was once a journalist. I am proud to see educated, professional women enter politics in the state.

Veena George is a well known face on TV screens across Kerala as a news anchor, and later Kerala’s first female Executive Editor, having worked for 16 years across most of the major news channels in the state.

At just 44 years of age and in her very first stint as a state minister, she has the unenviable task of taking over from Shailaja teacher who deftly helped the state navigate through extraordinary health crisis, one after the other, in the last 5 years alone.

The Kerala Health ministry under KK Shailaja

Under Shailaja’s leadership, the Nipah epidemic was swiftly stopped and not allowed to escape beyond the state’s borders. When the second wave of Nipah hit, did anyone even know? There were zero casualties!

As for the Covid-19 pandemic, she set up a control room in every district in January 2020 itself, tracing people coming into Kerala from Wuhan, taking them from the airport and isolating them a full 3 months before even the Central Government woke up. That’s how farsighted and clued-in she was.

Even the floods that hit Kerala could have led to a lot of communicable diseases but didn’t.

Shailaja teacher won the hearts of not just the public but also the entire healthcare personnel in the state who rallied by her side and worked tirelessly for us, inspired by her.

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Veena George has big shoes to fill despite credentials

KK Shailaja’s are some very large shoes to fill, and every step that Veena takes now will be scrutinized for sure.

Everyone is different and has their own leadership and management styles.

The only thing that should actually matter is that they get the job done well and keep us safe.

So, welcoming Veena George with best wishes while giving a standing ovation to Shailaja teacher with the hope that we see her back where she belongs in 2026.

Image source: YouTube

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