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I have worked in the financial sector as a banking executive and in the field of primary education of children. I love reading, writing, making friends, and playing with my kids. I am super interested in knowing and sharing how women can utilise their potential to become more confident and aware human beings. So here is to sharing, learning, growing and soaring high. Golden words to the ears!

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Working Women Vs Housewives – It’s Time To See There is No ‘Versus’

The 'working women vs housewives' debate has gone on long enough. It is ok to make different choices and live in peace while letting others live in peace as well.

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6 Healthy And Easy Recipes For Dinner For Those Lazy Days!

Here are six healthy and easy recipes for dinner - for those days when you've had a long day at work or don't feel like cooking an elaborate meal.

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Return To Work: How To Make Your Support System Work The Way It Truly Should

For most working mothers, a support system for childcare doesn’t just ‘happen’ – it needs to be created and navigated.

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Facebook groups for women
These 5 Facebook Groups For Women Help You Meet Some Truly Supportive People

Facebook groups for women today allow us to reach out with very specific questions we have, whether it is how to breastfeed, or how to take care of your curly hair. 

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My 5-Minute Fantasy Of Being A Supermom Looked Like This:

Being a supermom is not everyone's cup of tea! As this mom says, I am a supermom—oh yeah, and I just saw pigs flying!

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Shukla Lal
Meet Shukla Lal, The Woman Of Many Stories Who Published Her First Book At 80

When age is just a number: meet Shukla Lal, an octogenarian, producing literary gems and spreading the joy of life at the ripe old age of 81!

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Indian Army Creates History – Indian Women Can Now Directly Enrol As Soldiers!

Taking a quantum leap in the country’s development, the Indian Army today opened its doors for recruitment of women as soldiers in the Indian military police.

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The Tiktok Ban Points To A Larger Issue: How Do We Ensure Teen Safety Online?

TikTok has been banned on both Android and iOS platforms, and new users cannot download the app. It raises the question of how safe or appropriate is the app ecosystem for teens and tweens.

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We’re Voting For The 17th Lok Sabha But People Still Have Weird Questions About Female Politicians

As we march into the twenty-first century riding on the wave of feminism, it is worth examining some of the threads on Quora dabbling in sexist comments on female politicians.

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SC Ruling: Women Can Now File Domestic Violence Case (498A) From A Safe Home Anywhere

Women can file domestic violence case against their husband and in-laws under 498A from wherever they seek shelter after leaving their marital home - recent Supreme Court judgement.

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Married Daughters Are Part Of Family Too: Uttarakhand HC’s Verdict A Victory For Gender Equality

Married daughters are always family members, just like married sons and not to be discriminated against on such grounds, ruled the Uttarakhand High Court in a recent progressive judgement. 

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The Latest Sexist Attack Against Smriti Irani Shows Politicians Don’t Want To Focus On Real Issues

Whether it's Priyanka Gandhi's clothes or Smriti Irani's marriage, it looks like personal remarks against female politicians are the only way their opponents know to counter them. 

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Lilly Singh’s New Bollywood Rap Tells Us Bisexuality Is Completely Normal

Noted Youtuber Lilly Singh collides with the world of Rap bringing together three hit Bollywood songs and a generous dollop of feminist messaging.

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Paridhi Singhal Wants You To Relive Your Memories, Not Lose Them On Your Phone

Paridhi Singhal, the co-founder of Pixylz, is helping bring your photos to life by printing them in personalised and attractive formats. Check out her work!

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Footballer Brishti Bagchi Is All Set To Train With The La Liga Premier League In Spain!

Meet Brishti Bagchi, the first Indian female footballer to be invited to train for a contract with the world’s top football league, the Spanish La Liga!

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Is Ambition In Women A Good Idea Or Not? The Jury Is Still Out On That, Even In 2019

Without the inclusion of its women in the workforce, India's dream of being a great revered nation will remain just that, a dream. But when will we support ambition in women and make it easier for them?

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Dear Men, The Joint Family System Is Not Realistic In Today’s Society

The latest tweet from Shoojit Sircar promoting the joint family as the best solution to mental health issues, is yet another example of a grown-up Indian male who thinks the Indian joint family system is the solution to all of life’s problems.

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8 Creative Ideas For Women's Day Programs At Work To Celebrate Gender Equality
8 Creative Ideas For Women’s Day Programs At Work To Celebrate Gender Equality

Do you celebrate International Women's Day in your workplace? Here are 8 creative Women's Day Programs for you to choose from!

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Sabarimala U-turn
Sabarimala U-Turn: Devaswom Commissioner Decides To ‘Allow’ All Women, Chief Priest Protests

The whole Sabarimala drama has now taken a U-Turn, and the Travancore Devaswom Board will now be honouring the SC verdict allowing all women entry into the temple. What's happening?

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