Lilly Singh’s New Bollywood Rap Tells Us Bisexuality Is Completely Normal

Noted Youtuber Lilly Singh collides with the world of Rap bringing together three hit Bollywood songs and a generous dollop of feminist messaging.

Noted Youtuber Lilly Singh collides with the world of Rap bringing together three hit Bollywood songs and a generous dollop of feminist messaging.

With the foot tapping, heart beating mash up of three songs – Choli Ke Peeche, All is Well, and Aankh Maarey – Lilly Singh is charting the fusion of rap and Bollywood music with a clear message for the world: “I am a woman with a story, you should get to know me.”

She starts with aplomb with the hit song Choli Ke Peeche and turns it into a motivational anthem close to her heart. She questions the commodification of women and says, “Call me smart before you call me hottie. I am a woman with a story”. About the relentless body shaming of women, she so strongly says, This body is mine, You can’t make me feel ugly. Only thing gotta change is your mind, If you judge me.

Without missing a beat, she touches on the concept of consent with,What’s under this bra? Tatas that need consent. If it ain’t your body, I don’t need yuh two cents.’

In the all-round popular song close to everyone’s heart, All is Well, she addresses the mental health and anxiety related issues faced by people all the time. She hits the nail bang on its head with ‘My life gets so out of control…Got 20 problems I made up in my head..Anxiety sleeps next to me in my bed…Listen, you good, all is well. And if it ain’t, tell someone, ask for some help.

Her third and final song in this explosive rap is the Bollywood superhit ‘Aankh Marey.’ Only this time she uses it to take the cat out of the bag and put the issue of bisexuality out in the open for everyone to gasp and groove along to. ‘You the type of sexy dude, To make me say ‘I do… But then a queen winks at me, She rock my world…This stunning girl.’ She clearly expresses that her interest is piqued by both the man and the woman on the basketball court and she is evaluating both her options.

The YouTube video already has more than received more than a million views and is counting more every second. Viewers have been raving with comments about the iconic twist given to their favourite Bollywood songs. With a common note of feminism running throughout, the song has surely touched a chord close to one’s heart.

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