These 5 Facebook Groups For Women Help You Meet Some Truly Supportive People

Facebook groups for women today allow us to reach out with very specific questions we have, whether it is how to breastfeed, or how to take care of your curly hair. 

Facebook groups for women today allow us to reach out with very specific questions we have, whether it is how to breastfeed, or how to take care of your curly hair. 

I remember the time when I wanted to explore freelancing work options and instinctively turned to the Internet for more information. I was amazed at the support groups it offered for people looking for such options.

Be it taking care of a newborn, moving to a new city, planning a vacation, or or getting used to breastfeeding, a woman often faces difficulty in taking the right decisions; there are often multiple options available or sometimes very few options and no way of deciding what to choose.

We often tend to look for reviews or opinions of others to help us decide what is the safest, most affordable and the best course of action to follow. The internet, and particularly Facebook groups, are providing a unique platform to women to meet other like-minded women and share views, opinions and information on topics ranging from family, kids, entrepreneurship, fashion, books, travel, cooking and more.

Today there are multiple unusual Facebook groups for women offering support, help, and information to women on very specific topics. Check out some of these excellent Facebook groups for women that I came across!

Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers

Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers (BSIM) is a peer-to-peer support group for breastfeeding mothers and their families. The Facebook support group was founded in June 2013 and has more than 91,000 members today including peer counselors (PCs), moderators and admins who help mothers with breastfeeding queries.

These members are at various stages of their breastfeeding journeys, ranging from those who are pregnant to those with older children following full-term nursing. There is a wealth of information available on the group where mothers and their family members can make more well-informed decisions about their breastfeeding routines.

Mompreneurs India

Mompreneurs India is a support platform for women entrepreneurs running home-based and micro enterprises. Founded in 2013, Mompreneurs India is a community of like-minded women running or wanting to start a business.

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With a mission to empower women with the skills to start a business and take it online, the platform allows women to network, share knowledge, contacts, and benefit from partnerships. Their associated website has thousands of businesses listed and the Facebook group helps women connect with other women in business and discuss problems and strategies to move forward.

Indian Curl Pride

Asha Barrak started Indian Curl Pride, a Facebook Group, exclusively for people with curly hair to start a conversation about how to manage curly and wavy hair. With over 31,000 members the group shares tips, product reviews, and haircare routines to help celebrate those curly tresses.

You need to have curly or wavy hair and answer a few questions before you are allowed to join the group. Members can discuss topics related to haircare routines, products to use, homemade hair care recipes and styling techniques. She has also created her own brand of hair care products called Ashba Botanics which is the first curly hair brand in India.

NRI woman

NRI Woman began as a Facebook group in 2016 by two close friends, both Indians by birth but living outside of India. It began as a platform for having conversations with other like-minded women around the world and sharing their inspirational stories. Gradually this evolved into NRI Woman Podcast, an interview style show with inspiring Indian women from across the globe.

It’s a platform for NRI women to share their stories and experiences with each other and discuss the unique challenges women face when moving abroad and living away from home.

Write & Beyond Group

Write & Beyond is an online community offering support and skill building in reading and writing to authors. The group showcases reading events, writing workshops, and writing courses with established authors. The group offers encouragement by sharing works of writers they like. Members can share thoughts and views on their own writing and other writers’ work as well.

This one is not strictly a women’s group, but since a lot of readers here would be interested in a writing group, I am sharing this one.

As the world becomes more complex, our dependence on digital networks has increased multifold. Facebook groups have become a powerful tool for women in all walks of life. While typing a query in a search engine can produce several results, they would still be theoretical responses that can be explored.

Online communities of like-minded friends and followers like the ones you find on these Facebook groups for women, can help us in taking the right decision by sharing their real-life experiences and insights.

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