Paridhi Singhal Wants You To Relive Your Memories, Not Lose Them On Your Phone

Paridhi Singhal, the co-founder of Pixylz, is helping bring your photos to life by printing them in personalised and attractive formats. Check out her work!

Paridhi Singhal, the co-founder of Pixylz, is helping bring your photos to life by printing them in personalised and attractive formats. Check out her work!

She describes her work as: 

Paridhi says that Pixylz is a “magical place” which was conceptualised after the arrival of a baby girl in her family. Hundreds of pictures were clicked of the little baby and thinking of a perfect birthday gift for the little one, Paridhi thought of printing those pictures in her own personal way.  However, she could not find a perfect solution to this. This gave birth to the idea of Pixylz where digital photos spring to life as they are printed into a wide variety of formats in a personalized way.

People click a lot more photos today than they used to earlier. But instead of storing them away as files on a computer, Pixylz offers a unique opportunity to print those pictures in different formats like a photo book, card prints, wallographs or mosaics. It helps in making our living spaces joyful and beautiful. Paridhi Singhal’s vision is to make the world a better place by sharing joys and deepening personal connections through the various photo products she offers.

They also offer designers an opportunity to create their own brand and showcase it with a personal profile page on the Pixylz App and Website. By creating theme based designs for the Pixylz products that interest them, designers can sell products with personalized creations to a large audience. And, they earn every time a product designed by them is sold.

Where to find them

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Her story

Digital photography has enabled people to click thousands of pictures. But the process of getting these pictures printed and decorated in our living space is a tiring and time-consuming one. Eventually, the pictures get stored in camera folders on the computers only to be viewed randomly when time permits. Pixylz is a solution to the problem of printing digital pictures in multiple formats which can then be directly glued on to the wall or displayed around your living spaces. It offers a range of products like wallographs, panorama, poster grids, mosaic and photobooks for every life occasion.

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Why she thinks you’ll love her work

Pixylz allows its users to easily access pictures from the phone, google drive or cloud and place the order for printing directly from the app. By offering beautiful designs, technological innovation and premium quality products Pixylz is helping people personalise their living spaces and make it decorative. People love capturing memories through lenses but they savor holding those memories in their hands and reliving those moments even more.


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