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Jyothi S

Dr. Jyothi, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University College of Science, Tumkur University. Has been a teacher of English and also soft skills trainer, with special interest in writing poems, articles and short stories both in Kannada and English.

Voice of Jyothi S

Things the Lockdown has Taught Us About Minimalist & Mindful Living

A few months at home has made us rethink most of our so called "needs". Is less clutter the path to mindful living? 

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It’s Time For Women To Be Heard Loud & Clear At Work

For centuries, women have been considered bodily objects to be enjoyed; rarely have their minds received as much respect, or even attention.

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In Covid Times Who Loves You the Most?

We hear of painful and lonely final moments of dying patients and also the decision of their families not to pay last visit to them in hospital due to fear of their safety, in spite of calls by the hospitals. It makes me wonder, who cares for us the most?

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We Don’t Need Much for A Holistic Life.

This virus has brought the whole world under distress, but hopefully for a better future together. Human history has seen a drastic transformation over the years in terms of administration.

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‘War On Corona’ This Analogy Of War Is Misplaced

Modern man is too busy with waging wars against everyone and everything, but really don’t know what for.

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One Day, When The World Talks About Me, Behind Me Back, I Will Look At Them And Say, ‘Shut Up, Please’

Yes, I have to create my own happiness, no matter what happens around me or how people treat me. I have to shed this mess off and mark my path.

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Revisiting Longfellow’s ‘A Psalm Of Life’

Sometimes, when we pause to think about some of the literary works and classics we know, we discern an entirely new meaning.

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A Woman Is Not An Object To Be Admired, She’s A Whole Person Whose Intellect Needs To Be Valued

We need to stop claiming that women are not to be heard. Women are to be heard, seen and listened to. Their opinions need to be understood and valued.

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If Men In The ‘Outside World’ Are So Dangerous To Women, Why Do They Roam Around Freely?

What measures we have taken to keep public spaces safe for women? How long do women have to wait to get their real freedom?

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At 40, Life Has Come To A Crossroads, And I Ask Myself, What If?

40 is the age we pause in our rush to do things, look back, and take stock. What if I had done this? What if that had not happened?  When I halt to look back on my life spent, After a deep breath of frustration and disappointment, I close my eyes, sigh and nervously ask […]

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Where Are The ‘Supportive Indian Men’ Behind Their Wife’s Professional Success?

What does a professional Indian woman need? Other than the requisite skills, a supportive family. For married women, this should mean a supportive husband.

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Why Do Female Actors Have To “Choose” Between A Career And A Family?

Why does a female actor necessarily need to choose between career and marriage even today? And when she does choose career, why do some of us have a problem?

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Revisiting Wordsworth’s Poem ‘The Daffodils’

This post is a re-reading of Wordsworth's most celebrated poems, 'The Daffodils'. The author examines how the poem is an example of 'ecotherapy'.

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