Janani Viswanathan

A free thinker, equalist who has never feared to voice out opinions. I believe that everyone deserves the same kind of respect irrespective of gender, identity, background, social or economic. And we need to evolve in embracing each other without discrimination. I head the #NoMoreNirbhaya project that creates gender empowered spaces in Chennai, India.

Voice of Janani Viswanathan

The Boots In My Closet [#ShortStory]

The boots were a symbol of her financial freedom, and she was going to ensure that she got it back. A short story.

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The ‘Maiden-Married’ Name Conundrum For A South Indian Bride!

Changing my married name as a South Indian bride is fraught with many complications - as this comedy of errors shows!

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Why I Am Doing A Wedding Fundraiser For Education Instead Of Receiving Gifts

Gifts in an Indian wedding are exciting. But what if you can direct the money that might be spent for a worthy cause? Check out Milaap.

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5 Discussions To Have Once You Are Engaged

Found and committed to the person you want to hitch up with? Here are 5 discussions you must have after the engagement, if not before. 

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Hold It! I’m Getting Married, Not Pregnant! (Short Story)

Everyone and their aunt thinks they can advise you on having children as soon as you declare your intentions of getting married. Shouldn't it be up to the couple? A short story.

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Let Children Learn For The Love Of Art: Don’t Push Them To Be Mini Celebrities

As a parent the most important thing, we can do is let our children learn for the love of art and not to be mini-celebrities we see on television.

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Travelling Abroad For Higher Studies? Here Are Handy Tips For The First Flight

Here are a few tips for Indians flying abroad for higher studies. Make sure your first flight is a comfortable one!

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You Won’t Believe The Rules That Chennai Engineering Colleges Impose On Students

Rules for students in Chennai engineering colleges are so ridiculous and antiquated that one of them immediately went viral!

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These Graduate Students Want to Eradicate Skin Colour Bias in India

These Graduate Students Are Working to Eradicate Skin Colour Bias in India.

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How To Find A Match In Matrimonial Sites Or Dating Apps: Here Are 7 Ways To Go About It

How to find a match in matrimonial sites or dating apps? Have you ever wondered that. Here are 5 7 tips, to make it easier.

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Pursuing A Higher Degree? Why Women Should Move Out Of Home

Educating yourself is not only about the money you are going to earn, but finally about the person you become.

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Why Weddings Should Be A Shared Responsibility

In this thought provoking post, the writers argues with conviction on why a wedding should be a shared responsibility between the groom and the bride.

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