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A feminist whose idea of feminism is not just fighting for equality but also telling stories of people whose struggle drives the feminist movement forward. Also, a student. But that's not important.

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Five Yoga Blogs You Should Be Following

Here are five yoga blogs from around the world that will assist you in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

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Is It Okay To Blame Coldplay For Stereotyping India In Their Recently Released Song?

Coldplay’s most recent single, had several critics blaming it of stereotyping India. But ius it okay to do so?

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As Women, We Most Apologise For Our Appearance: Zero Apologies

'Zero apologies' was a poetic evening organised by Prajnya, an NGO based out of Chennai. It had 6 contemporary women poets reading their individual work.

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What Does The Lack of Indian Yoga Blogs Say

Though India is the birthplace of yoga, but there are hardly any Indian yoga blogs. Most blogs are from the west. Here's a take on it.

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Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber: Doing Marriage Right

Sunny Leone's husband Daniel Weber unexpectedly brings into limelight the essence of what makes a marriage successful.

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Did We Forget That David Bowie Was A Sex Offender?

Do we get so star struck, that we often let go off our star, lightly for heinous crimes, like David Bowie, who was a sex offender?

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5 Indian Women Bikers Show Us The Road Less Travelled

Here are 5 Indian women bikers you need to know about. They are taking over the roads in their own terms!

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How To Stick To Your Fitness Resolution, Without Hating Yourself For Making It

Though we tend to make fitness resolution at the beginning of the year, we end up failing in keeping them. Here are small, simple steps that will help you sticking to your resolution.

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Aditya Tiwari Becomes The Youngest Single Parent In India: He Adopted A Child With Down Syndrome

Aditya Tiwari, becomes the youngest single parent in India after fighting many odds. He adopted a child with down syndrome.

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To 2016: With Love, Hope And Expectation

2016, is just here. Here is a candid letter to this new year, with love, dreams and expectations. Do read.

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Dear Men, You Need Feminism Too!

A very thought provoking piece on why men need feminism too. In other words, men too become a victim of their own gender. Just like women.

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Goody Mrs.Claus: The Feminist We Need To Celebrate Today

Mrs. Claus is the feminist we need to celebrate today, who is much more than the ‘ideal’ housewife: someone who would cook, clean, and not have a mind of her own.

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5 Women In Japan Have Challenged The Courts, To Retain Their Maiden Surnames

5 women in Japan have challenged the courts to retain their maiden surname. Here's what happened and why.

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