To 2016: With Love, Hope And Expectation

2016, is just here. Here is a candid letter to this new year, with love, dreams and expectations. Do read.

2016, is just here. Here is a candid letter to this new year, with love, dreams and expectations. Do read.

Oh, 2016. My first glimpse of you is a flurry of excitement, exhilarated voices counting down; lines that separate friends, family and strangers vanishing in thin air to pave the way for cheerful greetings and wishes across tables, across couches, across mobile screens. People are welcoming you with open arms and loud yells, and why wouldn’t they? You look like joy, the confetti that falls around you drawing likeliness to things falling in place.

You look like promise, too: with your dozen solemn resolutions and lists. A sea of blue skies, and each of us looking at your clouds like we are kids again – except, we’re seeing dreams and goals. And just like then, each of us is seeing something different: an unusual indicator to everything we’re shamelessly expecting from you. No pressure or anything.

I can easily imagine the tangle of footprints you are going to gradually be covered in, as we travel and take on trips that have previously only existed in the farthest corners of our imagination. Till you came along, of course.Journeys, internal and external; with friends, old and new.My mind conjures up a used map and worn out shoes. A souvenir that is brought back lovingly, tickets that are pinned to the fridge ceremoniously.

There’s a twinkle in your eye, both charming and devious. A tell tale to the limits that we will push. To the boundaries that we will eliminate with you. There are certain tables that we’ve been meaning on turning around, and now, they will be. The confidence you walk with is contagious: each of us are daring to go and make things happen. I suppose it’s a good thing, change is the only thing that’s constant after all; and isn’t it better to be the change, rather than just witness it from a distance?

It’s your warm smile that makes me bolder. My inhibitions are left with your coat somewhere, my negativity and silly fears neglected. There’s enough positivity in you to make us realize they aren’t worth holding onto, and like a balloon, they float: at first, drifting slowly till one day they’re far away – mere specks in the distance. Their absence isn’t noticed or missed. Your presence is far more commandeering.

It’s your toughness that’s growing on me, however. The callouses in your hands hint that you aren’t a bed of roses, but you’re worth it. You’ll give us arguments that reshape our thinking, trails that will force us into believing. A tightrope that will teach us the art of balance. An uneven pair of scales that will give us something to strive to correct. Gifts that we will not wholeheartedly appreciate, but gifts that you will nevertheless generously give.

The gifts you shyly hide behind you,however, are another matter all together.I notice opportunities, open doors, pealing laughter and consuming love. I notice the tribe of people I adore increase, I notice the memories I will cherish pile up. There are other things thrown in there, too; and, I can’t wait to spend the next three sixty six days(you’re a leap year, you rare, quirky thing!) finding out exactly where they are.

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Oh, 2016. I’m not one to believe in love at first sight, but for you? I’ll make an exception.

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