Five Yoga Blogs You Should Be Following

Here are five yoga blogs from around the world that will assist you in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Here are five yoga blogs from around the world that will assist you in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

One month down the line, and here we are: struggling to keep up with the resolutions that we solemnly made in the beginning, especially when it comes to balancing a healthier lifestyle. In a fast paced world like ours, health and fitness are what we choose to neglect, but with constant motivation, isn’t that bound to change?

To read and to learn, to watch and to be inspired, here are five Yoga blogs that will surely nudge you to the finish line:

With the tagline, ‘It’s about the mindful life’, Elephant Journal could essentially be described as a blogger community for those who are interested in consciously revamping their lives. As the posts are crafted by the readers, for the readers, the community provides pieces which are both honest and refreshing, and does not skimp out on the rougher bits of the journey; but instead, provides practical and pragmatic solutions.

YogaDork owes its origins to the notion that yoga is a cultural aspect; a form of life, even. The pieces featured are witty, and comment on the yoga scene, often sprinkled with an ounce of humour. This is ideal for anyone who prefers to take yoga as a lighter, stress relieving activity, rather than an arduous, strict discipline. is  blog of a commercial yoga website, it was founded to lay emphasis on the idea that yoga is for everyone, but more importantly, how it helps even in areas such as body acceptance and self love. The blog went on to recently launch a weekly podcast featuring women like me and you, describing their journey with a candid honesty that is easy to relate to.

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 A truly interesting blog where yoga meets travel, this is the birth child of Stephanie, a travelling yogini; who brings a different meaning to ‘journey’, a word often used in this discipline. Her frequently updated posts feature her musings, contemplations, and inspirations as well, and makes for an appealing and captivating read.

Providing the personal connection that most of us seek from online blogs and websites, The Yoga Blog collects and curates wisdom and experiences of yoga practitioners around the globe. The stories are from varied perspectives, and revolve around a multitude of themes; thus ensuring inspiring insights into the effects of the yoga, and the role it is capable of playing in your life.

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