Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber: Doing Marriage Right

Sunny Leone's husband Daniel Weber unexpectedly brings into limelight the essence of what makes a marriage successful.

Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Weber unexpectedly brings into limelight the essence of what makes a marriage successful.

“Do you look at yourself as an artist?”

Posed with mocking sneers, journalist Bhupendra Chaubey’s questions to Sunny Leone were nothing but a facade; a shameful attempt to ‘expose’ her for a past that he expects to haunt her.

The aftermath of the interview, however, was a pleasant surprise. Managing to expose the high level of misogyny in the interview, the incident sparked an outrage; and, most unexpectedly, brought into limelight the roots of a successful marriage.

Daniel Weber, also a journalist, quickly rose to Sunny’s defense: his partner of over seven years. Not only did he speak out about the criticism, backlash and outrage surrounding her highly misogynistic interview with journalist Chaubey, he did it flawlessly, showing husbands around the country a thing or two.

The first to hear from Sunny after the incident, he mentions how their marriage is one of independence, and why he doesn’t need to “monitor” every interview she attends. He went on to add that his wife was fairly confident he would have pulled her out of the interview had he been there, admitting that his hot-headed behaviour prevents him from acting with the grace she displayed.

Labelling the issue to be that of “basic etiquette”, he reminds Chaubey that he was talking to a person, and not a thing; it was not in his place to judge, or attempt to achieve a pre-conceived result through it. He called Chaubey’s behaviour unprofessional and uncalled for, with ample support from his own background in journalism. “If your job as a journalist is to be honest you have to report the truth and not come in opinionated,” he explains, and conveyed his belief that that was why people were commenting on the issue.

“I have seen that girl fight through the craziest of comments and craziest of negativity faced towards her in her life, and I think she has a heart of gold,” he says, clearly proud of his wife. By drawing parallels between their personalities, he highlights his conviction that Sunny has it in her to come out stronger on the other side in every situation. “She is the sweetest and you know what at the end, good things happen to good people.”

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He also went on to shut down the cynics who were calling it a publicity stunt, questioning what they were receiving by scripting such an incident. “Who wants to be in such a position,” he asks, and comments that she did not ask people to stand up for her: they just did. “They saw something and heard something that they felt was really unjust and they are speaking up.”

What Sunny Leone went through was undoubtedly unjust and traumatic, but Daniel has her back throughout. “Everyone in the world knows of our relationship, it’s not that we hide it or we are ashamed of it,” and went to throw aside accusations of housewives being affected by Sunny, an accusation that was implied by Chaubey. “We are in love, we are publically in love, we are privately in love and we are what we are.”

‘What they are’ is a solid example of how a marriage should work: lovingly, supportively and unconditionally. His image of Sunny remains untainted by the entire incident, or by the criticism and negativity she receives on a daily basis. “My wife is a true champion. She is more than anybody will know.”

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