Aditya Tiwari Becomes The Youngest Single Parent In India: He Adopted A Child With Down Syndrome

Aditya Tiwari, becomes the youngest single parent in India after fighting many odds. He adopted a child with down syndrome.

Aditya Tiwari, becomes the youngest single parent in India after fighting many odds. He adopted a child with down syndrome.

Aditya Tiwari, aged 28, recently started a family of his own: which was all that he had sought to do from the September of 2014.

Having then met the committee of Matrachhaya, an old and established shelter home, Aditya faced an uphill struggle with the adoption of Binnie; a toddler with Down Syndrome, who is now one and a half years old. The persistent battle fortunately ended with him successfully being handed over the special child, who has also now been lovingly renamed Avnish Tiwari.

Stating that he and his son would be residing in his house together in Pune, Aditya thanked Menaka Gandhi for taking time out to intervene. The Union Women and Child Development Minister had personally visited the shelter home the previous year and firmly urged the authorities to hand over the child within a week.

The delay was primarily due to an age-old law, which was revised in the August, 2015: reducing the age requirement of Single parents seeking to adopt from 30 to 25. In spite of this amendment, as well as the support of the Union Minister and agencies such as the Central and the State Adoption Resource Authorities, the adoption agency remained unconvinced – and went on to drag the process by another few months. Aditya recounts how his position as an unmarried man seeking adoption led to unpleasant questions directed at him, including one wherein he was asked how he plans to marry with ‘this special child’ in tow.

It took two Home Study Reports (HSR), several interviews and inquisitions, recommendations and instructions from various sources and regulatory bodies; which included a letter from the District Collector, Nishant Warwade, who had his own questions about the delay, for Aditya to return with the kid he had been linked to in 2014. The very same kid that was promised to him within the time frame of a week, as per the policies and procedures.

Such hassles would definitely discourage further Single parents to adopt kids themselves – kids who are otherwise forced to grow up in Shelter homes, where they might not receive the parental support, guidance and unconditional love they require and deserve.The Joint Secretary of Matrachhaya pinned it down to a mere compliance of the norms, but it continues to remain that adoption agencies need to help facilitate easier adoptions, especially in the case of single parents.

Hopefully, that is exactly what Aditya and Avnish Tiwari have managed to accomplish – for Aditya is the now the Youngest Bachelor in India to adopt a special kid. His persistent and noble initiative will undoubtedly pave the way for others, and make it easier for everyone with a desire to start a family.

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