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Book Review : The Testaments By Margaret Atwood

Though today's society is thankfully not that far gone, I think of this every time a woman, especially a powerful woman says that there's no need for feminism and that the concept of female empowerment and independence is an alien and foreign one.

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Casual Racism Is A Problem We Must Recognize

To hold up fairness as the ultimate standard of beauty is frankly medieval and archaic.

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10 Things I Learnt In The Past Decade Before I Say, ‘New Year, New Me!’

We are one day close to a new year and that definitely means new beginnings! But before that, here are ten things the last decade taught me!

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2020 Looks Like A Year Of Women Centric Movies. Here Are 10 To Watch With Your Girls!

If you're planning nights out with your girls, and are tired of the usual 'chick flicks,' here I have a list of 10 women centric movies releasing in 2020!

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Looking For That Perfect Gift? Kamna Hazrati Believes Giftmate Can Help You!

The e-commerce industry is a highly competitive one, but entrepreneur Kamna Hazrati believes her venture Giftsmate can bring something unique and customised to customers.

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Sophia Wangkhem And Her Friends Created This Fun & Non-Judgmental Dance Space In Mumbai

From Bollywood to ballet, Sophia Wangkhem's Studio Impetus teaches you to move like a movie star in a fun, modern and non judgmental setting. 

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Entrepreneur Mamta Kalambe Brings Her Genuine Self To Her Photography Business

With Tell-a-Tale Studios, Mamta Kalambe wants to help people create memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. 

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4 Places All Smart Divas Are Renting Their Clothes From And You Could Too!

This wedding/festive season, if you wish to look a million bucks without spending as much, why not rent clothes? Here is a list of affordable renting options for all!

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Entrepreneur Cheelu Chandran Wants To Make Healthy Eating A Way Of Life

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Just check out Cheelu Chandran’s range of keto foods, snacks and desserts.

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Nudity On Screen: Why Do We See So Much ‘More’ Of Women Than Men?

As long as I've watched TV I've wondered: how is it that the heroine always seems to wear lesser clothing than the hero?

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Dear Teachers Be A Nurturer, Not A Dream Crusher

The truth is: our school system is broken. So who is responsible for this deplorable situation? One of the major factors is the teachers who instead of guiding and motivating students have the exact opposite effect. Albert Einstein once said, “ if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will […]

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Frozen 2 Is All Things Progressive, But Where Has The Fun Of The Original Gone?

While some fans have lauded Frozen 2 for taking on bold themes such as colonialism and discrimination, others such as this reviewer found the movie heavy-handed.

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Dear Child Of A Narcissistic Parent, You Are Wonderful – Despite Everything You Were Told

While parents are meant to be a child's source of comfort, the children of narcissistic parents grow up feeling worthless, unloved and guilty without any reason.

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8 Women Entrepreneurs In Goa With Stories You’ll Love To Hear!

These successful women entrepreneurs in Goa show us that Goa means business too - not just sun, sea and sand. Hear their inspiring stories!

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easy rangoli designs
6 Easy Rangoli Designs To Brighten Up Your House This Diwali!

Here are six ideas to help you make gorgeous and easy rangoli designs this Diwali, especially if you are tired of the usual run-of-the-mill rangoli designs!

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I Had To Be The ‘Good Girl’ Through A Lifetime Of Being Depressed

Depression isn't just feeling sad- it a very real, very harmful illness, one that fortunately has a way to treat it, if only done on time, and done right.

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Evil Is Not Just In Scary Places, It Can Be Lurking In Your Homes… In Disguise

She would lie awake at night, wondering how something that had happened in less then ten minutes had the power to change her life so permanently.

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