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Divya Toshniwal

A Therapist, Life Coach and Dance and Movement Therapy Practitioner by profession I am an enthusiastic person always eager to learn. I have been taking up a variety of courses and when I don't get a good course I start with a good book. Acquiring knowledge is what I am most keen about. You may name it as my passion. Well, to acquire knowledge and keep it to yourself can never be worth living. Here I desire to share my experience, my knowledge, and my analysis or learning about life in general. This blog would contain self-help articles, short stories, and guides to self-development and lifestyle enhancements. You can register your email address with me to receive regular updates from my blog. Click on the chain icon below to reach my blog.

Voice of Divya Toshniwal

10 Best Solutions For Overcoming Negative Self-Talk
10 Best Solutions For Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is when this voice becomes criticizing, limiting, disappointing, demotivating, incriminating condemning, and harsh towards you. It is all the negative statements that you tell yourself.

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strong women characters
8 Strong Women Characters From Bollywood Movies That I Find Inspiring

These 8 strong women characters from Bollywood movies show that women can do anything if they put their minds to it, and don't need to 'take help'.

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Disney Has A Message For Your Life

We want to do something and move towards our calling but we are scared of leaving behind what we already have.

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Stop Yourself From Spending Too Much By Paying Your Own Self!

The more money you have, the more you spend it. And saving, then, becomes a hassle. Here's a way to save and invest money while spending what you want!

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How To Be More Attractive In 9 Easy Steps

If you are looking for a temporary attraction this post is not for you because this is no quickie.

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8 Types Of Self Care That I Find Essential As A 20-Something Newly Independent Woman

Gone are the days when self-care meant self-indulgence. Today, people understand the importance of it. Here are eight types of self-care for everyone!

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Perception – Did You Take A Second Look?

Since the arrival of the daughter-in-law, she has taken over the responsibility of every job in the house and does it perfectly.

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Want To Save Money? Stop Buying These 10 Things Like I Did!

We often buy things that we don't necessarily need. However, the writer stopped buying certain things and ended up saving a lot of money!

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The Diary Of Her Hope!!

To all those parents who have a girl child: Please stop saving for her marriage, instead educate her. Set her free. Let her live.

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When She Did Not Want To Talk About The Trauma…

At times we just do not feel comfortable sharing our traumatic past. But, it is fine if we choose not to. Alternative therapies can help one heal and lead a happy life.

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The Day I Spent Helping Mom With All That She Does When I’m At School

By the time Aanya had washed all the potatoes, mom had soaked the rice and the pulses and now was pouring the tea into well-arranged cups on the tea tray.

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How I Overcame Depression Through ‘Dance and Movement Therapy’

The author narrates how she defeated the demon of depression by learning the 'Dance And Movement Therapy'.

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