Disney Has A Message For Your Life

We want to do something and move towards our calling but we are scared of leaving behind what we already have.

Frozen is probably Disney’s most popular franchise for this generation. Story of two sister princesses, a boy in love with one of them, a reindeer and a heart-melting snowman. The first one took the world by swirl with ‘Let It Go’ and the healing power of love. It had amazing music, amazing story, amazing characters and everything about it was so wonderful that we were left longing for more when the movie ended.

After 2 short films in 2015 and 2017, Disney finally came up with Frozen 2 in November 2019. Along with an amazing story, dialogues music, and animation, the film also presented us with a lesson. A lesson that we all need to learn. Each one of us can relate to it.

We all have a higher calling and most of us aren’t anywhere near it. We all feel this is not the place we are supposed to be, we believe that we are made for something better, something greater. We may or may not know what it is but we know our lives aren’t just getting up, eating, working, sleeping and occasionally having some fun. There is something we are meant to do and we want to do it only to be interrupted by our own thoughts. We want to do something and move towards our calling but we are scared of leaving behind what we already have. We are scared of the change. Right now everything seems under control or at least seems known but to move towards the unknown is scary. We fear that we will lose what we have.

This movie takes us on this journey of moving out of the comfort zone and stepping into the unknown to answer the calling.

comfort zone to growth zone .

We all have a desire to grow and to reach the destination we are meant to reach. The journey has to cross certain stages though. We need to move out from our comfort zone, we need to fight the fear, we have to learn and only then we can grow. If we want to reach the place we are meant to be at, we need to grow and become worth that place.

Till the time you are comfortable in your own space, you will not grow because comfort brings familiarity and a known lifestyle with it. But when you move out of your comfort zone you will have to struggle through different phases and his struggle will make you grow. There will be times when you are ready to give up, there will be times when you make mistakes, but, that is all part of the journey.

So move out of the comfort zone and face your fears, build your confidence and stop being affected by what others think of you. Believe in yourself. No doubt there will be troubles and you may not be perfect, but, this is the opportunity to learn, have a new skill, becoming something you were not till now. Deal with the change, accept it, embrace it. Get ready, prepare yourself for what you are meant to be. Find your dream, find your purpose and move into the unknown from your comfort zone to finally answer the call.

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