8 Strong Women Characters From Bollywood Movies That I Find Inspiring

These 8 strong women characters from Bollywood movies show that women can do anything if they put their minds to it, and don't need to 'take help'.

These 8 strong women characters from Bollywood movies show that women can do anything if they put their minds to it, and don’t need to ‘take help’.

Bollywood has been very hero-centric, and women have just had a supporting role towards the male actors. But time and again we have got brilliant women actors portraying brilliant characters.

Here is a list of my favourite strong women characters from Bollywood that I have been inspired by.

Vidya Bagchi


Shot in my own city of Kolkata this one is closer to heart.

The character of Vidya is determined to find her missing husband in such conditions when women don’t even think of moving around much. We understand the drama at the end, but the extraordinary journey of reaching a criminal mastermind was brilliantly planned and executed.

Vidya showed us that a woman can turn her grief into her strength, and if she decides she can definitely achieve everything she desires.

Rani Mehra


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A fun but sensitive movie, Queen has made a special place in our hearts.

Rani’s marriage breaks up just the day before, but she decides not to sulk and cry in a corner. Instead, she decides to go on her honeymoon and fulfill her wish to visit Paris.

The whole journey is a transformation journey of a sensitive, shy and scared girl, who by the end of the journey is confident, happy and self-sufficient. Rani shows us how a woman can have fun and fulfill her dreams without a man by her side.

Shashi Godbole

English Vinglish

This comeback movie of Sridevi was a blast.

Shashi, who is never given any importance in her family, either by her husband or children, gets an opportunity to turn her life around when she is invited to a wedding in New York.

A woman who does not understand English is determined to learn English in the few days that she has in New York. The classes open a new avenue in her life where she finds appreciation, confidence, and falls in love with herself again, later changing the point of view of her family too.

Shashi tells us how important it is to have self-respect and love yourself, no matter what the world thinks.

Amrita Sandhu Sabharwal


The recent slap on the patriarchal society is this stunning movie featuring Taapsee Pannu.

The character of Amrita from being a bubbly happy housewife, taking care of everyone and doing everything to make the family happy to standing up for herself and fighting for her respect was brilliantly played. We could connect to her on so many levels. Amrita shows us how important it is to stand against the wrong and that maintaining a relationship at a cost of your self-respect is just not worth it.

Aditi Shrikant Pandit


A story on extramarital affairs and the clear difference of behaviours expected by a patriarchal society from a woman and a man regarding the same, is the basis of this movie. This movie also showcases how a woman is suppressed and not allowed to work outside, how her dreams and desires are never given any importance, and how every blame in the society is put on her shoulders.

In clear words, the dialogues of Astitva portray how a man can have extramarital affairs, as many as he wants while a woman’s one moment of weakness is termed as sin and her entire life is turned upside down.

Aditi teaches us that it’s ok to leave behind such family and step out to create your own identity.

Priya Saxena Malhotra


A love story that starts with a fun-loving and bubbly Priya Saxena turns her into a strong and bold lawyer when her husband’s past creates trouble in their present. She fights for what is right and saves her husband from defamation.

Priya teaches us to leave the past behind, have trust in a spouse when he is in the right, and fight for him rather than fighting with him. She inspires us to gain strength in order to fight for the truth.



The character of Meera in NH10 can never be forgotten.

When it comes to revenge a woman can break all barriers. Meera devasted by the death of her fiance chooses survival and revenge over grief. She turns the world upside down to seek revenge from the people who killed him.

Meera teaches us that a woman is not weak. Not even physically.


Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara

Though the movie was all about the journey of 3 friends, the short spanned character of Laila left a big impact on us.

A free bird who knows how to live, she lives in the moment and never lets regret cross her mind. Making spontaneous decisions and being ok with them is what makes her special. She is not into the rat race to earn.

Laila teaches us how to live life and that a person should be in a box only when they die.

There are many more strong women characters that have been inspiring many. Which character you think should have been added to the list?

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