Dipanjana Gupta

A teacher by profession Dipanjana enjoys life in its every shade. She lives in Shillong with her thirteen year old son and with the help of her extremely supportive husband she is managing to wrestle with her domestic duties,job and her passions joyfully. She loves to sing,day dream and build memories. And to unwind her stress and beat those moments of unexplained occasional loneliness,she prefers to pen down her emotions and thoughts. You may please visit this link to know what her pen says. https://www.facebook.com/My-World-Of-Fantasy-212347232572820/

Voice of Dipanjana Gupta

A Long Battle To Fight

Sad, that most people in our society are still driven by their primitive instincts and shuts down the freedom of women by such cruel acts.

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Parents, Let’s Stop Breeding Toxic Kabir Singhs And Do Some Good For Future Generations!

We, the parents, should teach our boys to be in touch with their softer emotions, and to manage their anger, so that we do not bring up another Kabir Singh. The social media is impregnated with a lot of uproar around Kabir Singh. Although the movie has hit a hard blow to the women, (oops […]

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Tame Your Tongue And Speak Judiciously

Our ability to speak makes us different and superior than other creatures in the nature. But have we done justice to this gift that makes us superior?

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Is It Really Essential To Look For An Older, ‘Better’ Groom For Your Daughter?

Husband should be older, earning more, right? Wrong. What works best for a relationship is their mutual understanding and respect.

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When I Ran Back Home For The ‘Powerful’ Sindoor That Would Ensure My Husband’s Wellbeing!

"I still wear sindoor," says Dipanjana Gupta, "But now because I know it makes me look beautiful, and no longer out of fear for my husband's wellbeing!"

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Bhaat Kapor To Kanyadaan: The Time Has Come To Change Some Regressive Marriage Rituals

With changing times, isn't it important to alter some of the patriarchal and regressive marriage rituals we've grown up with?

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