A Long Battle To Fight

Sad, that most people in our society are still driven by their primitive instincts and shuts down the freedom of women by such cruel acts.

Jadavpur University is always in the news, and unfortunately most of the time for the wrong reasons. Well well, who am I to judge the reason being right or left….er..er…I meant to say right or wrong! Right or Left, all have their rights to express their opinions in our country, at least that’s what our Constitution says.

And while exercising this very special right of ours, “Freedom of Speech”, we end up mudslinging to each other, following a battle of the blame game. To top that, thanks to the social media, through which opinions rain like “cats and dogs”..(pun intended) In this dangerous acidic rain, all are falling sick.

What’s even more unfortunate is that amidst all these political dramas, the worst victims are women.

In the videos that were circulated “left and right” by the social media, we have seen the singer turned politician’s hair being pulled by a student of the esteemed institution. That’s bad, really bad. Shows how intolerant and aggressive the present generation is. (I, however, wish the elders too to set some good examples) But what happened to the other guest of the day, the iconic fashion designer, Agnimitra Mitra? She alleged that her Saree was torn and she has been manhandled by the mob. It didn’t end there.

In repercussion of the whole episode when some netizens expressed their opinions about this episode, one being the very revered artist, Smt Urmimala Bose, immediately a filthy meme, calling her names, that blemishes her dignity as a woman, flooded the social media.

Smt.Bose may not have been a victim of physical abuse, but the dirty way in which the meme has been presented calling her a sex slave is definitely a serious abuse to her as a person, and to her womanhood.

This makes it clear how women are viewed by the society at large, however modern we may call ourselves. This kind of attitude towards women is not new. It happens everywhere, at home, family, buses, offices, literally everywhere. Women are shamed if they act ‘smart’.

Sad, that most people in our society are still driven by their primitive instincts and shuts down the freedom of women by such cruel acts.
For every woman, political or apolitical, this should be a matter of great concern. Women, a long, very long battle lies ahead. Women should not fight for just equality, they should fight for the respect and the dignity they deserve in the making of a society.

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