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Tame Your Tongue And Speak Judiciously

Posted: May 29, 2019

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“Give every men thy ear but few your voice”

Shakespeare’s words resonate in my mind as I am aghast to see how some people invite trouble to themselves by giving unsolicited advice to strangers!

The video of the woman, confronted by a bunch of girls, for her very derogatory words, that’s gone viral has taken an ugly shape. And this incident is disgraceful for every woman because it has shown the world, how women lack solidarity. Keeping aside the disgrace, the shame, the incident has caused, this article intends to focus on a vital lesson it has taught. And this is, we need to tame our thoughts, but more importantly, we need to “Tame our Tongue”.

Of all the special traits that make us different from other creatures in this world, is our ability to speak. But have we done justice to this gift that makes us superior? Humans have been so harsh to this kindness showered to us by our creator. We humans have always invited trouble because most of us have not mastered the art of speaking. It’s known to all of us that most fights, most misunderstandings occur due to the misuse of our speech. But still, we do not make any effort to control our tongue!

We are at that juncture of time and age where we are amidst very progressive millennials and a rather regressive aged population. Our parents and grandparents still object to a whole lot of modern lifestyle that’s in vogue now. We are trying to fight these prejudices at a personal level. But can things change overnight? Sadly, No. A generation who has grown up with certain moral values cannot change their thoughts all of a sudden. It’s ingrained in their psyche!

Patriarchy is deeply rooted in the system and one’s mindset is mostly governed by this. Coming out of this armour isn’t that simple. The younger generation needs to understand this and be tolerant. For most of our grannies or mothers, seeing a girl in a mini skirt or hot pants is nothing less than a culture shock. On the other hand, a modern woman doesn’t appreciate any interference in her life and asserts that it’s her right to smoke, to drink, to walk on the streets late at night, just like her male counterparts. It’s her life and her choice.

But, the truth is, it will take some time for the older generation to digest this. And till then, the confrontation will continue.

However, the fact remains, that whether one likes it or not, this is where one needs to tame the tongue. Gone are those days when forgiving the elderly was a compulsion.

Silence is golden, they say. Indeed it is. Mark what you utter, or else in this era, when social media is always at one’s grip, anyone can be famous for all the wrong reasons. Beware and tame your tongue! Lest you may be the next viral aunty (or uncle).

Image via Pixabay

A teacher by profession Dipanjana enjoys life in its every shade. She lives in Shillong

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