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childhood hobbies
7 Ways My Life Became Better When I Revived My Childhood Hobbies

Put yourself in touch with your inner child by rejuvenating your childhood hobbies, and making them a part of your everyday life. It's fun!

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Hidden Figures
Hidden Figures – The Book Behind The Oscar Winning Movie About African-American Women Mathematicians [#BookReview]

They were discriminated against by gender and race, but the story of these brilliant African-American women mathematicians is well told in Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly.

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real women in science
5 Must Watch Movies About Some Inspiring Real Women In Science

Real women in science often do not get their due, but there are a few movies about these women, collected here to inspire the scientific woman in you.

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Carrying Indian Home Decor Items That Remind You Of Home When Making A Home Overseas

While travelling or living overseas, women often carry a bit of home with them in the form of Indian home decor items to make a home anywhere else.

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The Diary Of A Working Mother: Her Balancing Act During Durga Pujo

What does Durga Pujo mean to a progressive working mother, who is reinterpreting the traditions for her own daughter? Read on!

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The Diary Of A Working Mother: My Personal Journey Of Coping With The Challenges

We all have our struggles, and not everything in life is easy. Here are a few entries from the diary of a working mother that speak of one individual's struggles.

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This Independence Day Let’s Take A Pledge To Liberate The Indian Men!

While we talk about freedom for Indian women, this Independence Day consider the freedom for Indian men from the social taboos that disadvantage them. 

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7 Tips On Life Skills From A Working Mom To Her School Going Daughter

You are a working mom. What can you tell your school-going child that will stand her in good stead when she grows up and has a career of her own?

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These Women Achievers In Science Made 2015 A Glorious Year

2015 saw a large number of woman achievers among professionals and the scientific community. Here is a round-up of our favourite stories about these women achievers in science.

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Work Trips – Three Different Experiences From A Working Mother’s Diary

A working mother talks about how she manages her work trips away from home with her daughter.

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Are You Contemplating A Career In Science? Then Read This Scientist’s Letter To Her 20-Year-Old Self

Are you contemplating a career in the sciences? This scientist's letter to her 20-year-old self will guide you.

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The Sad State Of Indian Married Men!

Think Indian married men have it lucky and that the women need emancipation? Think again.

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12 Companies With Return-To-Work Programs You Should Know About

Want to get back to work after a break? Here are 12 companies with return-to-work programs that you should explore.

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Her Voice: 7 Popular Videos Of Successful Indian Women At Work

Here are 7 successful Indian women who talk about their lives, achievements and hurdles. A must watch for every woman for a dose of inspiration.

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Dear Dad : From A Daughter Who Is Growing Up

A teen-aged daughter writes to her father, now that he keeps busy most of the time, she misses their time together. Also she writes things she wants and others she does n't.

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7 Myths About Money That Women Need To Drop

Are you managing your money well or do you still hold to these myths about money? Read on about the 7 myths about money that we have.

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Busy Working Women, Find Your Own Tricks To Be Happy In Life!

The best tips for busy working women in India to make their lives happier and comfortable. Adopting these ideas as part of your daily life will certainly make working women feel more charged up and empowered!

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How To Keep Your Career ‘On’ When You Need To Move For ‘Family Reasons’

Moving for your husband's or partner's job? Don't give up your career yet! Career continuity resources for working women in India.

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is it easy to work from home
The Work From Home Concept: How Easy Is It For A Woman To Work From Home?

The Work From Home (WFH) concept is portrayed as being the best of two worlds, but is it really that easy to work from home?

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writing jobs in India
Science Writing Jobs In India: New Opportunities Opening Up

Science writing jobs in India are opening up and can be highly creative and challenging. Here is a primer on how to start a career in scientific writing.

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Indian women at work
Indian Women At Work: Break The Career Rut In 2015

For many Indian women at work, the mid-career stage can be frustrating as personal and professional goals collide. Here’s to breaking the impasse!

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How To Maximise Your Ph.D Program For A Great Job And Career

Beyond your core research, use your Ph.D program well to learn other valuable skills and land your dream job and career.

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women at ISRO
Mangalyaan & More: 4 Contemporary Indian Women Scientists You Should Know About

Rocket scientists, Researchers on infectious disease, award-winning Engineers – these Indian women in Science are blazing new paths.

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Roadmap: How To Join A PhD Research Program

Here is a roadmap on how to join a PhD research program, and make informed choices about the most interesting journey of your student career: to achieve a PhD degree.

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How To Survive And Thrive On Travel For Work

While long travel for work can be hard on working mothers, these career opportunities are often too good to miss. Here’s how to take up the challenge!

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11 Secrets From A Working Mother On Thriving In The Summer Vacations

Summer vacations, a child with high expectations and working parents - the perfect storm? This working mother shares her learnings from managing summer vacations.

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12 Tips For Working With Colleagues Smoothly
12 Tips For Working With Colleagues Smoothly

We often work with people we’ve never seen, sitting at other locations. Here are 12 tips for working with colleagues smoothly.

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Balancing your personal and professional goals
The Fine Art Of Balancing Your Personal And Professional Goals

At different stages of their personal lives, working women in India find their personal goals in conflict with their professional goals. Tips to find balance.

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how to make kids eat
How To Make Kids Eat

How to make kids eat without a fuss? Teaching kids these healthy eating habits will help them all through life. Here are 10 tips:

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Indian Women in STEM
5 Inspiring Books For Indian Women In STEM

Managing a demanding career in science and technology with societal expectations is challenging for many Indian women. 5 books to help women in STEM stay motivated.

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7 Myths About Healthy Cooking Oils

Every brand and variety touts itself as ‘the’ healthy cooking oil. We bust some myths about oils to help you choose the right one!

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Stress Busters for Working Women In India
Stress Busters For Working Women In India

Stress is one of the major problems of working women in India. Some help to bust that stress and beat depression.

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Interior Decor Ideas
Interior Décor Ideas: For Women On The Move

Moving houses often makes home decor a challenge. Here are some easy interior decor ideas for Indian women on the move!

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Returning To work in India
Returning To Work In India: My Experiences

Returning to work in India after a long stint abroad? What to expect: A primer for working women in India

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Safety for women scientists in laboratories
Doing Science When Pregnant

With safety during pregnancy being a concern, women scientists may drop out during this stage. How can women's health concerns at this stage be managed?

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Early Indian Women Scientists: Inspiring Stories Of Women In Science

Indian women in science find the going tough even today. How did early women scientists manage their careers?

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Working Woman On The Move

Indian women relocating for work is no longer rare; the story of one working woman and her challenges - and how she got around them.

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science careers in India
Fulfilling Career Paths In Science

Working women in India looking at alternative career options in Science, can now look at many diverse choices.

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Combat Antibiotic Resistance!

April 7th, World Health Day is meant to raise awareness on vital health issues today. This year’s theme? ‘Combat Drug Resistance’.

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My Life As A Female Scientist

One Indian woman scientist’s personal account of her love for Science and the special challenges of women in Science.

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