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Ruchika Thukral

Crazy thinker, impulsive writer, schizophrenic psychopath.....what!! Ruchi, why would you write that now, huh?

Voice of Ruchika Thukral

What Is Feminism? And What It Is Not

Ruchika Thukral writes a brief piece on what she think Feminism is and what it is not. Do read and leave your views too.

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She Was Called The Ugliest Girl In The World Until She Stood Up And Became A Youth Icon

Lizzie Velasquez was bullied as the ugliest girl in the world. She fought through her battles against all odds and became an youth icon.

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Maharashtra Govt. To Provide Nutritional Cooked Meal To Tribal Pregnant Mothers

In a great move for mother and child the Maharastra Govt. will now provide cooked nutritional meal to pregnant and lactating mothers in the tribal areas.

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Success By Proxy: The Curious Case Of Successful Women

Why must successful women always been seen as the appendages of their significant others? A look at society's need to credit the success of a woman to her husband.

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Why Is It A Big Deal That Kate Winslet Has Asked For A ‘No-Photoshop’ Clause? (Sarcasm Alert)

A young woman very sarcastically makes it a point why Kate Winslet's 'no-photoshop' clause in her new contract is so important.

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I Didn’t Like Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2, And Not Because I’M A Feminist

A woman writes why she did not like "Pyaar Ka Punchnaama 2" and no, it's not because she is a feminist, the problem lies in the film itself.

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Why Cooking With My Husband Is So Stressful

A wife writes on why cooking with her husband is so stressful and also questions why mothers don't teach sons to cook.

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Why The Expression ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Is Ridiculous And Regressive To Both The Sexes

Boys don't cry? That is such a wrong message to give to our sons. Crying is, in general, a sign of asking for help.

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Why The Gone Girl Is My Favourite Female Fictional Character

If you read or watched Gone Girl, you will love this one! Why Amy Eliot Dunne is this author's favourite female character

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why I hate the dupatta
Want To Know Why I Hate The Dupatta?

A brutally honest and hilarious take on one of the oldest and most celebrated piece of Indian clothing.

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5 Female Freedom Fighters of India: Women Who Fought With Khaadi

Here are 5 latter female freedom fighters of India, who got us freedom, using Khadi. They still remain an inspiration to many.

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Talvar [Movie Review]

The Arushi Talvar murder case shocked the nation. The movie Talvar questions the justice that was served. Here's the movie review,

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7 Early Female Freedom Fighters of India: Women Who Led From The Front
7 Early Female Freedom Fighters of India: Women Who Led From The Front

This Independence Day, let us read about 7 early female freedom fighters of India, who wielded their swords and led from the front.

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Safety in Captivity? Pinjra Tod Questions Patriarchy [Video]

The Pinjra Tod campaign is here to question the sexist rules of girls hostel.The rules that work perfectly to perpetuate the patriarchal structure.

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