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Why Is It A Big Deal That Kate Winslet Has Asked For A ‘No-Photoshop’ Clause? (Sarcasm Alert)

Posted: October 30, 2015

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A young woman very sarcastically makes it a point to ask why Kate Winslet’s ‘no-photoshop’ clause in her new contract is so important.

Why is it a big deal that Kate Winslet has asked for a ‘no-Photoshop’ clause? With skin as flawless as hers and the kind of body she still has, which is to kill for, even though she is 40, she hardly needs Photoshop. What she needs is some humility when it comes to flaunting her beauty. And the same goes for all the actresses, all these fair skinned, super skinny babes, who say they don’t want to advertise fairness creams or go overboard with dieting. Obviously, they’re mocking me and millions others like us. And, of course, as we learned in our school cliques, it’s the beautiful, tall girls who are popular, not the plain, fat, boring girls like me.

What do these actresses know about wrinkles, or ageing spots or not being fair or being fat? Absolutely nothing, that is the reason they make these bold media-gimmicky statements. They don’t know how it feels to be outed out of a group because you are too uncool to hang with them, or when they pick your best friend instead, because she is tall. Excuse me, that’s is not even her talent, that is because her parents were tall. I hate you mummy, for being short and you too naani, for being short too. All your vertically disabled genes are the result I was made to stand in front of the morning prayer queue and therefore missed out all the gossip from cool people in the end.
So, should I stop tweaking my photos before Instagraming then? Should I be proud of my body and not make too much of the fat, ugly, huge-ass commentsI get even though they make me feel like killing myself or remove pictures when it gets too much to bear. I’m not giving control of my life to them, of course not. It’s totally normal to be forced by social pressure to hate your body.
Even my Barbie would agree, she was tall for her age. And slim. I could never get that figure, not even when I was a 12-year-old. I could stuff socks in my bra and get that bust, but never that waistline. Even when I stopped having dinner. And, now when I burn 400 calories at the gym, and go to Yoga and have stopped having carbs, I still can’t get that figure. I mean, Barbie can’t be wrong. Every girl knows Barbie, and spends the most of her impressionable age looking at her, so her makers must know how important her looks are. See, how every popular actress has that zero-figure. Of course a lot of them can’t act, but who cares.
Of course, I have hormonal problems, so much of my weight is a result of that. Great, so after my mother, even my ovaries have decided to make a loser out of me! My gynae keeps telling me to not have stress, like that’s easy! I have stress, I get hormonal imbalance, I have hormonal imbalance, I get stress. It’s a vicious circle! Like actresses have that! They don’t get stress and therefore get harassed for dark circles or wrinkles! They don’t get flabby waist and jiggling arms. It’s as if they are not human, more like some super advanced dermatologically evolved new species.
Although, Deepika Padukone does speaks of fighting with depression, or Priyanka Chopra of being racially discriminated as a school girl or Sonam Kapoor getting dumped because of fat and high body hair growth.
Although, Deepika Padukone does speaks of fighting with depression, or Priyanka Chopra of being racially discriminated as a school girl or Sonam Kapoor getting dumped because of fat and high body hair growth. So, could it be that they all have faced what I have at different points of time. Of course, they get liposuction and other surgeries and do lots of compromises with their diets to get that sort of ‘beauty’, but could it be that they can actually empathize with women like me, with complexion issues or weight issues. But, they always appear so  flawless, every curve super smooth, the skin perfect in all places.or that was a ruse, that they finally decided to get rid of. Do they really want us to see them in real light, and not hate our own bodies because of a little tweak here and there with a computer mouse. Do they really hate that, seeing their identity tweaked everyday, does the word young actually mocks them when, as per their say, they’re not. Do they really care?
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Crazy thinker, impulsive writer, schizophrenic psychopath.....what!! Ruchi, why would you write that now, huh?

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