Safety in Captivity? Pinjra Tod Questions Patriarchy [Video]

Posted: October 9, 2015

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The ‘Pinjra Tod’ campaign is here to question the sexist rules of girls hostel.The rules that work perfectly to perpetuate the patriarchal structure of which girls were born.

It’s 8’o clock in the evening, you’ve 16 missed calls from mum, and as soon you enter the gates, you hear the words ‘aawara’, ‘zamana’ and ‘kharaab’ in quick succession, and you feel the blood leaving your face. It’s that scary!

And, now you’re in a big city where everyone seems to be well-educated, well-experienced and well-versed in the science which miraculously defines the conduct of a young woman. And, you again hear the words, ‘aawara’, ‘zamana’ ‘kharaab’ followed by ‘safety’, ‘security’ and ‘responsibility’, and you feel it again. But, this time it’s terrifying. Because the demon you escaped from for a better education has followed you again, this time with a lock and key.

Hostel curfews, either done in the name of safety or moral conduct, violates your basic rights as a human being for freedom in a society. Pinjra Tod is a project, which questions this ‘captivity’ through this video.

Crazy thinker, impulsive writer, schizophrenic psychopath.....what!! Ruchi, why would you write that now, huh?

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