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‘Whatever Our Souls Are Made Up Of His And Mine Are The Same’: Emily Brontë

The couple reached the billing counter and while they were paying the bill the man at the counter said something to them.

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Book Review : The Forgotten Daughter By Renita D’Silva

It is the story of three women Nisha, Shilpa And Devi. Their stories are dealt in separate chapters but they merge in the end like rivers intermingling in the ocean.

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Hostages : Family Hostage Drama on Hotstar Misses the Connect

Hostage has many stereotypes, the house, the family and the kidnappers! Watch it if you like the case, the story misses the mark!

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A Tale Of Selfless Love In The Times of Partition

The day she got her pocket money from her son, she would immediately send a money order to her sister.

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Pinky Memsaab
‘Pinky Memsaab’ Explores Expat Women’s Lives In Dubai; A Must Watch On Netflix

A young woman who goes to Dubai as a household, and the rich Memsaab she works for. Both young women, but worlds apart. But are they really? You need to watch Pinky Memsaab on Netflix.

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Be Kind.. The Heart Never Forgets

Be kind for the heart never forgets how it has been treated.

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Soni : A Movie That Touched The Right Chord In My Heart

The movie starts with an eve teasing scene where Soni reacts violently and the gentle Kalpana, who is her boss, reprimands her

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Made in Heaven – A Must Watch

All the episodes have touched topical subjects and dealt with them with utmost sensitively. Hence making it tough to decide which is the best episode out of all.

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