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I Am Just Camouflaging Myself Like I Have Always Done

Posted: December 6, 2019

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To hide the uneven tone of my complexion I used foundation a little lighter than my skin,

To hide the whites in my hair I used brown streaks,

To hide my  darkened


I used lipstick,

To make the rings on my wrinkled hand glitter

I use nail polish,

And when I wear a sleeveless blouse I use a bleach on my arms,

I cover my arms with glitter when I have to go partying  ,

I wear kohl for my eyes to make them look expressive,

I wear gloss to make my mouth look dewy,

And I wear an exotic perfume to hide the smell of a woman.

I am just camouflaging me.

I have always camouflaged me.

When I was young I camouflaged my core

And now the make up hides the imperfect me.

The trees are bare, the stars have disappeared, the moon hid itself embarrassed because it was cut to size

I too scrubbed clean, the whites of hair showing, the slight tremble of my hands noticeable, the pigment on my hands darker as I faced the world .

And then the stars shone, the trees dressed themselves in various hues of green,

I too wore my brightest lipstick and darkened my eyes with the blackest  kohl. My rouged cheeks could put any apple to shame. I wasn’t camouflaging, I was just in sync with nature.

I danced in abandon as the trees swayed, the stars winked and the moon shone proudly in the deep blue sky.

The sea waves crashed trying to woo the moon.

I was part of them as they of me.

Image via Pixabay

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