I Binged watched Four More Shorts Please season two and it reminded me of the quote ‘O what a tangled web we weave’

I Binged watched Four More Shorts Please season two and it reminded me of the quote ‘O what a tangled web we weave’.

Tangled Web

This tangled web is the story of the four girls Damini ,Umang, Anjana and Siddhi, the four girls we met in the first season of Four More Shorts. The girls are back with more confusion about their relationships with their partners since some have a plethora to chose from. In spite of their perplexity their wardrobe is super stylish  and they look like vogue models. If one wanted to buy those clothes but except for Anjana’s clothes there would be no place where you could wear those clothes unless you are invited to the Truck bar.

Female Bonding

The four girls have the same emotional baggage as last season and like last season they have great bonding .They always meet at the truck bar run by Jeh , Damini’s ex soon to be current for a drink. They cry on each other’s shoulders get drunk are  over exuberant and turn to each other for advice but they do exactly where there hormones take them.

Their Journey

To be fair to them they all have careers but their emotional life takes over their careers. Anjana is a hotshot lawyer and has bought great accounts to her company but she messes up on her personal front. She hooks up with her senior partner in the firm because he says he is an open marriage. But when the wife discovers it and she says they thought they were in an open marriage the partner says very cryptically that even if you knew it was a normal marriage would you have been able to restrain yourself.

Damini self publishes a book because it is about a raging political controversy and her book is banned ,but that doesn’t apparently seem as important  as like the previous season she still cannot make her choice between her two boyfriends Jeh and Dr.Amar.Siddhi is trying to  mend relationships with her father and make him proud of her and is also trying to make a career as a stand up comedian.She is SOBO and her partner in her stand up comedy show is NOBO .Their sex scenes are genuinely amusing with Siddhi’s Victoria secrets underclothes and the boyfriends Rupa briefs  competing in a tacky flat but still pines for her old boyfriend.Umang is the gym instructor who is in love with Samara a big star and works hard to lift her out of depression but somehow Samara doesn’t look like a coveted Bollywood or Hollywood heroine.She looks too old and jaded especially in front of Umang.The topics discussed in the show are relevant and sensitive like misogyny at work place,infidelity ,sexual orientation  miscarriages  ,parenthood  and going against the establishment but it is only discussed on the periphery.

The sets are great and the dialogues are scintillating .You feel you are at a cocktail party air kissing all the guests. It is like reading a mills n boon. Its nice while reading it but you forget it the moment you finish the book. No character gets under your skin or their is nothing which you can mull about.Its enjoyable while you are watching it but you do wish in the end that you had watched something better something with more substance.


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