Soni : A Movie That Touched The Right Chord In My Heart

The movie starts with an eve teasing scene where Soni reacts violently and the gentle Kalpana, who is her boss, reprimands her

It was one of those long drawn evenings when you are wondering what to watch and the movie Soni appeared in my Netflix suggestions. Soni is an 2018 Indian Hindi-language crime drama film edited and directed by debutant Ivan Ayr and stars Geetika Vidya Ohlyan and Saloni Batra. Written by Ayar and Kislye, the film chronicles the life of a police officer and her superintendent in Delhi Police who deal with the cases regarding crimes against women.

Soni is about two women police officers, Kalpana and Soni. Kalpana is the boss, very gentle yet with a mind of her own. Though she is a senior police officer and also the wife of a senior police officer, she is slightly subservient to him and willing to stretch an extra mile to placate him but still manages to hold her own.

Soni is not of the officer rank. She is grappling with a broken marriage and a wounded psyche, and she is always angry. Lewd comments, male entitlement and male patriarchy make her lose reason!

It starts with an eve teasing scene where Soni reacts violently and the gentle Kalpana, who is her boss, reprimands her but the underlying care and the soft corner for her stand out in spite of the harsh words spoken. Soni lives in a middle-class housing society in a one-bedroom flat. Small vignettes of her life are shown like her watering the green plants, praying to a small deity and her flat is a bare basic flat with no adornment.

Her simmering anger remains on the surface, ready to burst like a volcano and the hurt she hides behind her aggressive demeanour is delineated. There is a stark contrast between Soni’s solitary pariah like existence and Kalpana’s  beautifully decorated house where she lives with her husband and a cantankerous mother in law. There is also a house who is available at her beck and call.

Though Kalpana also gets to hear about her state of childlessness and how time is running out for her if she wants to have a baby but she never responds verbally. Her eyes give away her hurt as though she has internalised her pain. Both change as the movie progresses, but the gentle Kalpana will always remain close to my heart.

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength.” ― Ralph Sockman

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