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Founder of Sane Bites. "Splashes of Life", a list of five short stories adds to my credit in fictional writing!

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Dear Society, Stop Treating Your DIL Like A Puppet, She Is A Human Too!

Society needs to stop demeaning DILs and treating them badly for making their own choices. They are humans too, it's time you accept that!

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To Stop Coddling Your Boys, Here Are 4 Chauvinistic ‘Rules’ Moms Need To Stop Practicing Immediately!

Who serves my mother or I? Does any man even think about that? They won't because my mother encourages it. But will it be a sin if the men served us?

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Sigh. When I Was Once A Financially Independent Woman…

From someone who earned her own living to someone who depended on her husband for the smallest of things, this woman shares her thoughts.

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Can The Indian Son-In-Law Be Allowed To Fetch His Own Coffee?

Even today, sons-in-law are revered and praised for every action of theirs while the daughters-in-law slog away. Time we gave both equal preference?

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Ordeal Of A House Princess

Where there is a “working tag” attached, there are heaps of roses while those housewives/secret aspirers only receive a million of spiteful comments.

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