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Now That You’re Married, Here’s What Not To Do To Your Friends Who Are Still Single!

You are married, have responsibilities and schedules, but is that any excuse to go mess with your friendships with the friends who are single?

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An Open Letter To Nirbhaya

It has been 3 years today since the horrific rape and murder in New Delhi. So much has been said about it. But have things really changed? Is there any reason for hope? Akanksha Dureja writes an open letter to Nirbhaya.

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An Open Letter to Ashok Singhal : 9 Great Things That Will Happen In A Hindu Nation

In an open letter to Mr. Ashok Singhal, a Hindu woman writes where we will all head if India becomes a Hindu nation by 2020, as he declares.

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#SelfieWithDaughter Campaign : Why I Believe It’s Not Enough

Will #SelfieWith Daughter campaign on social media really help the plight of India women? The writer does not think so and this is why!

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Is Dowry More Acceptable When The Bride Asks For A Toilet?

This bride asked for a toilet as dowry from her parents. But does that make the underlying concept of dowry any more palatable?

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End Of Silence: A Survivor Story

Priya, a survivor, shares her story with the Women's Web community. A story of abuse, rape and violation. A story of strength and inspiration.

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The Serious Business Of Being A Godman

No one should dictate what a woman should do with her body; and that applies to so-called 'God-Men' too.

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We Are Unsafe. But Do We Really Want To Change?

One hears of rapes in India more often than actions of law and order to combat it. Are we serious about wanting to change the status of violence against women, asks this post.

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What I Want To Say To My Newly Married Self

Life changes considerably after marriage. Here's a letter to the newly married self, to not forget all the other things that matter.

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Not Another Rape Story: More Ingenuity In Letting Criminals Fly

This is not just another incident of rape; for it touches new heights of ingenuity in exonerating criminals.

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#FreedomIs: The Illusion Of Independence

Are we independent women in this independent country of ours? Women in India still have a long way to go.

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