An Open Letter to Ashok Singhal : 9 Great Things That Will Happen In A Hindu Nation

In an open letter to Mr. Ashok Singhal, a Hindu woman writes where we will all head if India becomes a Hindu nation by 2020, as he declares.

In an open letter to Mr. Ashok Singhal, a Hindu woman writes where we will all head if India becomes a Hindu nation by 2020, as he declares.

Dear Mr Ashok Singhal,

Let me begin this letter by introducing myself. I am a Hindu woman, who defies nearly all stereotypes, the likes of you have built up and propagated about us. Being the rebel that I am, I am still proud of India, in spite of being an independent woman who you must believe has been influenced tremendously by the West. Also, I have no qualms in accepting that there are many things that are wrong with this country which need immediate attention. Converting India into a Hindu nation is not one of them, by the way.
However, thank you for enlightening us with your pearls of wisdom. It takes real foresight to come up with such a noble thought for the welfare and development of the country. Even Sai Baba can vouch for that from wherever he is now. Maybe, even guide you in your dreams to make this a reality.
Ashok Singhal
Making India a Hindu nation will solve all of our deadly problems. India will once again be a land of happiness and harmony. There will be rainbows all around, and each one ending with a pot of gold coins. The only problem we have to address right now is to implement this difficult task and everything else will fall in place.
Here’s my take on what a wonderful future awaits us in 2020, given that Sai Baba has already made a bhavishyavani.
  • For starters, it’ll resolve the long pending Kashmir issue. Given that Kashmir has a majority of Muslim population now, India can finally be free from the burden of looking after and providing for a state we don’t care for.
  • The population problem will solve itself as India will disown a percentage of its population on the basis of their religion. Oh wait, unless you are targeting a forceful #GharVapasi for everyone who might or might not want to come home.
  • Poverty will be gone and India will once again be a #SoneKiChidiya. The huge amounts of money that some of our temple associations have collected through the centuries will be used to make colonies for the homeless. They will also be provided with free meals which would never cause food-poisoning. Also, free education.
  • Women will automatically be freed from age-old gender bias and traditions which bind them to behave like doormats. Instead, they would now be ‘allowed’ to pursue their dreams of procreating and producing four children  male heirs once they are married.
  • Since every Hindu male respects women, rape and sexual harassment will automatically cease to exist. Safety of women won’t be an issue anymore and even Draupadi will vouch for the fact that India will again be safe, just like older times.
  • There will be no communal riots in the future. Dalits and the Brahmins will live in harmony and  will respect each other. There will be equality all around.
  • Honour Killings will become a thing of the past as our girls will no longer run away with men belonging to another religion. Although same Gotra weddings and inter-caste weddings will still be frowned upon and considered void and null in the eyes of law.
  • Even corruption will be tackled and India will become an honest nation, just like Satyug times. #RamRajya is the key that would make our corrupt people incredibly honest.
  • So, by 2020 seven of the biggest problems of India will solve themselves since we will be a #HinduNation by then. By 2030, World Peace will no longer be a phenomenon we just dream of, but a Hindu reality. But, it is such a pity that Mr Singhal, given your age, you might not be able to see that happen. Maybe, ask Sai Baba to get you reincarnated and watch your dreams come true.

As far as I am concerned, I will formally convert to a religion called Humanity and leave the earth for a better planet since there will be no place for women like me in this Hindu World. Maybe, Pluto is the answer I am looking for.

Before ending this letter, I wish to remind you something. I assume you must be really proud of Hinduism and it might be the essence of your life. You must be ready to go to any lengths to make it flourish and give human beings the benefit of being Hindu. But, have you forgotten that the basic elixir of Hinduism is acceptance of differences and co-existing without harming each other?

Saffron might be the color you’re chasing, but India will always be incomplete without White and Green. The constitution makes us all equal in the eyes of Bharat, and you can’t change that in five years. Or a lifetime.


A Hindu Woman

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