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Ooh, La, La! We Love These 4 Revolutionary Bollywood Songs About Women’s Fantasies

These revolutionary Bollywood songs explore women's sexual desires and fantasies - often considered non-existent otherwise!

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books on Partition
A Curated List Of 7 Books On Partition By Women Authors, To Choose Your Summer Read From

Here's a list of books on Partition written by women authors, both fiction and non-fiction, and give an unusual insight into this regrettable event in our recent history. 

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alimony and maintenance
All You Need To Know About Alimony And Maintenance Laws In India

With divorce rates on the rise, here's all you need to know about alimony and maintenance laws in India. An essential read for Indian women.

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When Was The 1st Time You Felt Discriminated Against Because Of Your Gender?

Bias against women in India is no news to us! But when was the first time you realised it exists? Many women share their stories!

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“The Delhi Rape Pushed Me To Do Something In The Women Travel Space”: Malini Gowrishankar

Malini Gowrishankar, the dynamic entrepreneur behind F5Escapes, dreams of an India where women can travel freely. And she's helping to make it happen!

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No, I Am Not ‘Gold’ To Be Hidden Away For Your Satisfaction

A youtube video of storyteller Vishaka Hari making the rounds calls women gold that needs to be preserved, while men are stainless steel taking on the world.

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When Women Can Do What Men Can, It’s Time For Men To Return The Favour!

Two working women from Madhya Pradesh across generations, share their double burden stories. What has really changed?

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Kerala High Court
3 Kerala High Court Decisions On A Woman’s Right To Choose Her Husband

The right of a woman to choice has often been questioned and put under surveillance. These 3 Kerala High Court decisions show that we still cannot take our autonomy for granted.

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Moral Policing In Ernakulam Coz Why Does A Woman Need To Be Out At Night?

The recent incident of moral policing in Ernakulam reiterates what most people think: that women have no right to autonomy or freedom.

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Madhya Pradesh Proposes Death Penalty For Rapists In Under-12 Cases: A Closer Look

Madhya Pradesh wakes up after topping the list for highest number of rapes twice, but is capital punishment really the way to go?

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