10 Online Part-Time Jobs Students Can Pursue While Studying

Are you a student who needs extra income to navigate college life? Here are 10 online part-time jobs you can pursue while studying!

Are you a student who needs extra income to navigate college life? Here are 10 online part-time jobs you can pursue while studying! Besides the financial independence, having a job boosts your self-esteem and confidence!

As an outstation student studying in one of the expensive cities to live in, I have always struggled with my finances. Apart from a monthly allowance, I found it really difficult to ask for some more from my parents. I did not want to burden them more, so I silently sometimes wished that I earned so that I could support my whims on my own.

It was not until recently that I started with part-time jobs, and realized that I could have funded my own fancies. Part-time jobs, they are a step higher than internships, but not as professionally demanding as a full-time job. It is exactly similarly to what 20s feel like. One decade earlier you are a kid, one decade later you are a middle-aged adult!

Here are a list of jobs that you can pursue without taking a toll on your academic commitments.

10 online part-time jobs students can pursue while studying

  • Online Tutoring

With the world rapidly sinking into the comforts of technology, education is no longer a real-world headache. Most students, and parents, now prefer online tutors to save time and the energy that is other wasted in the moving about from one tuition centre to another. Multiple edtech companies now look for online tutors.
Online tuitions would benefit you in terms of your time, and convenience. You can work for as minimum as 2 hours, and still earn a good deal out of it. Simultaneously, you also stay in touch with your subject.

It is a thorough win-win for everyone.

  • Telecaller

Telecalling is probably one of the most taken up part-time job in the industry.

This job basically enlists calling your existing, and prospective clients to generate higher sales numbers. Cold-calling is what we call it nowadays.

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It can get tedious, and monotonous, I agree, but one can forgive it for the sake of the amount that it gets in. My friend could feel her creative skills dying in this process of cold calling clients, but she refused to give up on her job because of the amount that it paid. As much as it amused me, it does make sense.

Does it?

  • Freelance writer

At one point in history, being a writer was considered as a penniless occupation. But the tables have turned, and now a freelance writer is considered as one of those rare good-paying jobs. (It is just a consideration; don’t tell them that I have told you that reality differs)

Just like any other well-paying jobs, it needs immense amount of patience, hard-work, and a good vocabulary (and also, breakdowns.) it requires you to be always precise with your choice of words, the style, adaptability. But most importantly, it challenges your ability to work according to the needs of your client.

You may have to hop, skip, jump between writing resumes, SOPs, advertising copies, and informational pieces!

  • Online surveyor and data entry

As a student, you must be well-aware of the recent uprise in courses of data analytics. Similarly, an online surveyor and a data entry job can either come as a package or separately. For the former, as the name suggests, you would be expected to conduct online surveys and collect data about information related to subject, business, or trend. Data entry subsequently means the input of data using data processing algorithms.

Both the jobs demand an intensive knowledge of Microsoft Excel, excellent typing and transcription skills, and ability to collect data. It might be mentally an exhausting task, but it is a role that is much in demand, hence, making it easier for students to apply and grab the opportunity.

  • Translator

With the release of the New Education Policy 2020, the government has put much emphasis on learning of new languages, regional and international included. Although there are many resources already available in the market to teach a learner a particular language, the idea of translation is rapidly catching up. Moreover, newer and older works of renowned authors are also being translated to make it available to markets outside the home country.

Hence, the role of a translator is much sought after. As a student, if you have a knack for languages, and are fluent in 2 or more languages, you can very well apply to online language organizations, or government NGOs, or media houses, or publication houses as a translator.

And if having the power to use words isn’t satisfactory enough, the pay is good. It is.

  • Customer Service

For any company to improve, they need to work on their customer service. It is a job that requires immense interpersonal skills. It involves attending customers, and answering to their queries and concerns. The role also includes assisting them with their needs via either calls or email.

This can be a hectic job, since it demands constant active involvement, and interaction. It would drain your energy, but if problem-solving is your area of expert, I would suggest take it up. After all, with the salary comes the work satisfaction as a bonus!

  • Video editor

Are you a media enthusiast who specializes in photography and video media? Joining a photography house while attending a college can take a hefty toll on you. So maybe not photography, but a part-time job as a video-editor can keep you in touch with your passion.

You can join any industry as a video-editor. It can be an event planning house, or a media house like independent journalistic platforms or a photography company. It essentially requires skilful knowledge of aesthetic creativity, and a few heavy applications on your laptop.

  • Graphic designers

Well. Creativity conquers the market. If you have the creativity skills to turn your artistic imagination into a good representation of your client, this job would suit you the best. Though, it has been seen that the workload-pay ration is very disproportionate.

One has to work a lot more in comparison to the pay they get. However, if you are passionate about art, and you feel you have found an organization that respects you and your creativity, it can really be fun.

As a graphic designer, you can find yourself suitable for industries like various media houses, publishers, independent journalist platforms, hiring agencies, etc.

  • Accounts Assistant

As much lucrative a CA job sounds, it demands double the hustle.  An accounts assistant, is expected to assist an accountant with all the preparation of budgets, maintenance of records, report drafting, etc. Mostly it is all clerical work, but it does give a decent experience (and a pay cheque) for after your academic commitment draws to an end.

Like mathematics, the field of accountancy is absolutely practical. Hence, a couple of hands-on experience as such can give a nice little boost to your own career.

  • Paralegal

Unfortunately, Indian judiciary does not have the role of a paralegal, per se. But Indian law aspirants have to undertake law internships at various law firms throughout the period of their degree. They are mostly unpaid, promising you the hands-on experience in return.

But, if you are studying law, you can apply for the posts of Legal assistants that allow students.

A remote role in such a position might be difficult to procure, hence, you might want to look for roles that include Legal content writing, etc. Most legal firms hesitate to take in a law undergrad student as their employee. The onus is unto you to investigate, research, and find out a role that is matches your eligibility and skills.

Besides the financial independence, earning your money via any job, full-time or part-time or internships, can really boost your self-esteem and confidence. You make connections and feel a little less loss when you actually start your career.

Like Taylor Swift said: “The scary news is you’re on your own. The cool news is you’re on your own!” But spend responsibility, kids.

Image source: Nikada, via Getty Images signature, free and edited on CanvaPro

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