7 Innovative Edtech Companies Run By Indian Women

7 Edtech companies run by women: The aim of Edtech companies is to create need-based learning that caters to each individual, keeping their strength and weakness in mind.

The world of education is ever evolving and changing, in this country, women are often the first educators to a child. And the more our options to learn to diversify, the more we see in the rise of niche based education. In India, these in EdTech companies are providing the bridge between formal and professional education.

Edtech, or education technology, in simpler terms, is the practice of teaching, engaging and imparting information with help of communication tools to a classroom or individual.

The aim of Edtech companies is to create need-based learning that caters to each individual, keeping their strength and weakness in mind.

Here is a list of 7 Edtech companies run by women:

  • Cogitus

Ruchi Jhawar and Anju Modi startup cogitus help student improve their creativity and higher order thinking skills by implying innovative education beyond the confines of a classroom.

Cogitus focuses on building the vital skills of creative, cognitive, and critical thinking in children between the ages of 4 and 14, which are the key ingredients in child’s wholistic development.

Founded in 2017, Cogitus is Headquartered in Ranchi, the startup has centres in Bengaluru, Pune, Indore, Satna, and Surat.

  • Math Love

Alamelu Kathiresan and Shalini Ilanahai startup Math Love is all about making maths a favourite subject rather than a dreaded one.

During their teaching journey, they observed many students feared or disliked maths, but maths has enormous potential for learning, innovation, and development. Hence, they decided to create innovative ways with which they would help their students nurture love of mathematics.

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The Chennai-based startup was founded to ensure that every child has a positive experience with numbers. It provides students with creative coursework filled with games and activities to help them learn numbers.

  • LevelApp

Suchitra Reddy and Ashwitha Reddy Chinnamail established the startup, LevelApp. The app is an e-learning platform, primarily aimed at helping students find the best tutors from among their own peers or seniors.

Moto behind the startup is to reduce the gap in peer learning, with this platform students can clear their doubts and also benefit from gaining knowledge among their peers through online or in-person learning.

They have over 10,000 students from 19 countries and offer courses for grades K-12, bachelor’s, and PhD levels, as well as skill-based learning. They also offer the work opportunities to women to become their online tutors.

  • Spark Studio

Spark Studio founded in midst of the pandemic is a startup by Anushree Goenka, Kaustubh Khade, Namita Goel, and Jyothika Sahajanandan.

Spark Studio is a platform focusing on extracurricular learning, which helps in shaping a child’s creative and cognitive abilities. Just studying, without recreation and hobbies, can be a very dull experience for a child and also harm their over all development.

Art, music, extempore and other such activities help in balancing and keeping the mental growth of a child healthy.

Courses offered through the platform are in music, communication, photography and debate, and visual arts for children between the ages of six and 15.

  • LessonLeap

Anusha Mahalingam founded LessonLeap with Deepti Sahi, out of concern for her daughter’s extracurricular activities. LessonLeap, founded in Mumbai, offers live courses in extracurricular subjects.

Such as public speaking, language command, and learning to write by involving students in fun activities. Lesson Leap currently has over 20 teachers on board, with students ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade.

Children in elementary school need special attention, as they are so young and often find it difficult to keep up with the world. Hence, it always encouraged that young kids are made to participate in community activities like public speaking, storytelling etc.

  • Academix

Shreya Nallapaneni, along with Suraj Singh and Kalpit Sha startup, focuses on bridging the gap between jobseekers and employers. Academix is an Ahmedabad-based upskilling startup, founded in January 2020.

Young tech graduates often mind themselves job ready but unprepared for the demands of the job market that is always looking for the extra factor. Academix is one of the few Edtech companies that understands the importance of constant learning.

Targeting engineering graduates to upskill themselves in various courses in management, communication, new-age technologies, designing, Microsoft skills, and digital marketing.

  • Whiz League

Natasha Jain and Sonia Agarwal Bajaj startup Whiz League is a one-of-a-kind platform that assists younger students in gaining clarity on the path to unconventional careers.

But the path to an unconventional career is always filled with hurdles like lack of access to resources, or specialized teachers and future prospect of the learning.

Whiz League’s concept is to bring in experts and have pre-recorded modules in non-academic and career-specific skills from various industries. The platform enables students to submit an assignment and have the opportunity to collaborate with experts after finishing the course.

They have interesting courses from culinary arts to music production courses which can range from 3 months to 12 months.

With the rise of online education, anyone and anywhere with access to internet and a smartphone and device can learn now. After the pandemic, this need for home-based learning has grown further.

Edtech companies are constantly learning and relearning to accommodate the needs of its student at a steady speed.

If there is a kid who needs help or if there is an uncertain graduate looking for a different career field, or if you are interested in a specific art, there definitely is a place for you to learn from or for your child to learn from.

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