Learn To Upskill In An Unprecedented Time

When we now seem to have more time in our hands, it would be great to consider and look at developing some of our hidden skills. 

When we now seem to have more time in our hands, it would be great to consider and look at developing some of our hidden skills. 

The global pandemic situation has resulted in the quarantine of people around the world. Whether by choice or by decree, we are probably doing our civic duty by self-isolating in our house.

Watching TV and getting lost in the seas of scary news and social media posts or scrolling on the phone may make us feel depressed and anxious. So, we need to break out that big puzzle and turn our attention to some of our profound hidden skills.

This extra time is a gift 

Staying inside has provisionally put an end to our busy, social and professional lives, curbed our travelling, thereby letting us to have some additional hours in our hands after accomplishing our day to day responsibilities. This extra time can be considered as a gift. We have an opportunity to allocate our time towards productive and meaningful endeavour.

Upskilling is for everyone – for a kid, student, professional, amateur or anyone, age has no bar to it. All that matters is what, one is interested in it and is the ultimate time to pick up the new skills and learnings. It could be polishing the present skills, picking up new skills adjacent to current skills or evolving with entirely a new skill. The high-level digitisation of processes, has practically taken learning and innovation to new heights.

Technology to the rescue! 

Thanks to technology at our rescue, we can ensure making the most of our time while being indoors.

Our lives ran a programmed course before the virus made its presence. Many people may have a multitude of ideas which they could not accomplish because of a set routine. This lockdown period can be effectively used to implement them. It is offering us something that requires no stepping out, and also fill in our empty calendar.

Several e-learning platforms are offering a plethora of online courses and various blogs, apps and webinars are available at our fingertips which can help us to elevate our knowledge. These hours can be utilized to hone the skills of writing, freelancing, consulting, business modelling, meaningful reading and enhancing communication skills.

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It’s a better time to reconnect with our inner self and satisfy our creativity. Pursuing our hobbies, may it be Culinary Arts. Yoga, Visual Arts, online Teaching or any other form of art could be enriching.

Great for the kids!

Even kids and students have the comfort to learn while staying at home. Since they find surplus time around them, they try to engage themselves in varied activities, learning certain life skills, leading to exploration of something new. This will lead to introduce themselves to the new world of creation.

We all have our comfort zones. But when we step out of them and do more than what is expected, something amazing is bound to happen.

Start with one today and keep the ball rolling!

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